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Discovering Dundee

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Since I had decided on embarking on a mission to discover my own country, I decided to start with one of the more main cities – Dundee. The land of the The Beano and The Dandy is home apparent to many wonderful attractions, and once I got there, I found this out to be true.

Not just a wonderfully designed city, it has a plethora of places where you can go and enjoy yourself. Perhaps this city that is often overshadowed by Glasgow and Edinburgh, shouldn’t be.

I stayed at the wonderful Malmaison Dundee hotel which was conveniently near the train station, and had a great view of the River Tay. I would definitely recommend!

Once in and settled, I had a look at what I could possible get up to during my stay, and there was plenty to choose from. Here’s some of the highlights of where I found myself going, and what I got myself into while in Dundee.

Discovery Point

The famous exhibition is probably first on a lot of people’s “Things to do in Dundee” list – but this is for a very good reason. There are plenty of displays on show, end to end - some that you can read, some that you can listen to, and some that are just nice to look at.

Now, I wasn’t with any kids, but I noticed a lot of children having a whale of a time with the interactive displays, so I would also recommend it for children.

To round up, it was just great seeing the old, classic battle vessel as well. Never been one for boats, but I certainly liked this one.

Dundee Science Centre

Now, being the big kid that I am, and knowing how much I enjoy the Glasgow Science Centre, I could wait to get to the Dundee Science Centre.

Science has always been a fascination of mine, so you can bet that if a city has a science centre, I am going to visit it. It had all the ‘sciency’ goodness that you’d expect from such a centre, but it also had some very interesting events taking place. I was lucky enough to The Crunch show while I was there and learned how to make flour! It wasn’t something I’d expected to see at a science centre, but I thoroughly enjoyed.

Again, the place was full of kids, so if you’re in Dundee and are looking for somewhere to entertain the little ones, look no further than the Dundee Science Centre.

Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre

The arts centre was somewhere that I had scoped out before my visit, and somewhere I particularly wanted to go. And I wasn’t disappointed.

As a movie buff, I wanted to catch a film. The centre offered a few of the latest and more prominent movies on the big screen, and a few lesser known gems. I plumped for one of the lesser known ones, of course.

The centre offers so much more than the cinema though. It’s got a great art gallery; a print studio where you can see film being developed and a very fun activity room. It’s even got a smart café where you can grab something tasty to eat.

Overall, I was very impressed with Dundee. I didn’t have any preconceived perceptions about the city, and perhaps this is the reason why I haven’t visited a lot of Scotland – I just don’t know enough about it. Here’s to the first journey of my mission to discover my own country.


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Discovering My Own Country

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