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Are You Buying Your Golf Club Set for The First Time?

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While shopping for your golf club set for the first time, it is important to underspend rather than overspending. Once you are sure that you will be a long-term player of golf, then you will have lots of time for upgrading if It is necessary afterwards.


First identify about your golf goals


First be honest, to make your shopping decision easy. If your intention is just to play golf with your guest once or twice a year then there is no need to spend extra money on top end golf clubs.


Only if you are sure to be a serious golf player then set your sights higher.


Whether to buy new clubs or used clubs


In case you are not too sure about your dedication to play golf seriously, or if you are a person who usually take up a hobby and pursue for some time and end up dropping it after few days then any used clubs will be a better choice.


Used clubs will be much cheaper, comparison with any new one. Any cheaper clubs can easily be replaced later.


Set your budget


Usually, golf clubs are quite expensive. Depending upon your dedication to this game you may decide how much you want to spend. In case, you can easily afford and prefer top-of-the-line equipment, then go for it.


Better option for beginners, however, will be to buy an inexpensive first set. Because if you stop playing game, then you have not wasted much money.


Understanding shaft options


Beginners should consider 2 basics about golf shafts - shaft flex and shaft composition (e.g. top forgiving irons or graphite). Graphite being lighter can generate better swing speed and iron is cheaper.


Women or seniors may prefer graphite shafts due to softer flex. Stronger men may take regular shafts, and usually most golfers use shafts which are too stiff.


Think of club fitting


Prefer club fitting if first club set is a new one. Teaching pros prefer in-depth club fitting which lasts 30 to 45 minutes. In case it does not suits you, then choose clubs that are well-suited to you.


The standard, golf clubs are for men with height 5’10”. If your height is same then standard size will work just fine. For much taller or shorter get fitted.


Clubs for making golf easier


For good golf swing, new golfers can choose clubs geared for higher-handicappers. Select irons of perimeter weighted and also cavity-backed. Prefer for "hybrid" sets, where any irons are replaced with hybrid clubs.


Get driver with better loft, not less. Don’t pay attention to what professional players are using. Choose clubs with low CG (centers of gravity) with higher moments of inertia.


Ask and also shop around


You may ask your friends or colleagues who regularly play golf. Also ask pro shop for advice. It will be great to get ideas.


Finally, when you are ready for shopping then shop around. Prices may vary based on your selection and also from one shop to another. Decide your price range that you can afford and stick to your clubs accordingly.



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