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A Bit of Luxury in Lima

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So we flew into Lima after having slept for what seemed like 5 minutes, due to us both being petrified that we wouldn't wake up to catch our plane. The plane was half empty, which was lucky because we were not looking overly presentable or looking for human contact!

Somehow Jo's Dad managed to book us a hotel and, after a lot of phaffing around, dad spoke to the manager and made sure that we got our room. We looked awful with are dirty clothing and enormous backpacks, but we really didn't care and were looking forward to bed time, (even though it was mid-morning!)

Never have we been more excited to see a hotel room before, with each of us getting a double bed and getting very excited at the prospect of the swimming pool on the roof. We donned our swimsuits and headed up, only to find that the pool was freezing. Ginge, bless her, decided to be very British and have a swim, despite that appaulling temperature, whereas I opted for a nice warm bath in our en suite!

We had an explore around the city, buying the last bits of tat that we could fit into our overflowing backpacks and then retired for the most unhealthy night of our lives, purchasing a pizza from Dominos, then stopping off to pick up some fizzy drinks and then on passsing MacDonalds we suddenly realised that our meal would not be complete without a McFlurry. So we spent the night watching crappy American series, eating pizza, slurping soda and devouring our ice cream in record time!

Fell asleep by about 7.30, which meant we were ready for our trip home, and to see our families again.


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