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A rather bumpy road to La Paz

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The journey to La Paz was eventful to say the least....

From Uyuni the journey was supposed to take a whopping 14 hours to La Paz which is long enough, however things took a mighty turn for the worse as half an hour into the journey the cabin started to smoke and fly sparks every where. For the first time that day we all piled off the bus and sat for a few hours on the side of the road while pete the driver attempted to fuse and rewire the entire truck!! we were very close to having to find public transport to La Paz and leave trevor the truck behind but luckily pete came through for us and managed to fix it and we were soon on our way again. However it doesnt end there...

about another hour or two into the journey a few of us were sat at the tables playing cards when suddenly we spotted a wheel flying out from nowhere and rolling off into the distance! we yelled to pete to stop and then once again we all trooped off the bus while the boys when off in search for the wheel and pete assessed the damage. unfortunately it turned out that the hub of the wheel was damaged and unfixable as we were literally in the middle of nowhere with no civilisation in sight! as joss walked off into the distance in search of a nearby town we all took up our posts sat on the side of the road waiting for rescue! unbeleivably, a few hours later, this rescue came in the form of an angel who happened to have an empty minibus and was already travelling to La Paz! despite the fact that there was 18 of us squished into a 12 seater van for 6 hours, nobody really minded as we would finally reach our destination!

The first night in La Paz when we finally arrived at about midnight we dumped our stuff in the hotel and went out in search of food. Mills and I found a very quaint little restaurant in the form of a family owned room and managed to buy two meals and two cokes which came to a grand total of.....30p!!! unbeleivably cheap!!

The next day, most of the blokes set off to do the 'death road' - a downhill mountain biking day which involves biking down one of the steepest most dangerous roads in the world.I was really keen to do the mountain biking but as I only had a grand total of one day in La Paz I felt my time would be more wisely spent having a look around the city and hence us girls set off on a city tour which took us to a quite freaky witches market with lots of dead llama foetuses, san francisco church, the moon valley and lots of different markets. We also spent some quality time shopping in search of cheap dvds (all incredibly above board and legal of course!) and bought a mega amount of dvds! Sara bought the entire 10 series of friends for about £20 and a few different series for family like house, 24, family guy and lost whereas mills bought Sex and the City, Prison Break and House. we then had a major struggle trying to fit it all in our bags and had to resort to giving most of our clothes away to other tour members and buying another bag to carry around a ridiculous amount of woolly hats, souvenirs and quirky jewellery.

As it was our last night with the tour (sob sob) we planned a crazy night out in La Paz which turned out to be a bit of a flop as all the guys were knackered from the death road!! however the survivors still went out for a nice meal and onto a club for a bit of a boogie and said a tearful goodbye...


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