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Photo Oportunity - Uyuni

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The drive on the way to Uyuni was absolutely awesome and so different to what we had seen before, with vast open dry plains of llamas and alpacas surrounded by snowcapped mountains on every horizon and sandstone rocks and canyons in every direction.

We arrived into Uyuni late at night and went straight to the hotel which was owned by an incredibly friendly american man. The hotel was famous for its incredible pizzas as every single ingredient was home made (an impressive feat considering its isolation from major towns and suppliers!). i can honestly say that it was the best pizza I have ever had!

The following day was the trip to Salar de Uyuni i.e. the salt lakes. We all piled into several jeeps and were first of all taken to the small village at the edge of the salt lakes which was where the salt was processed and bagged up to be sold all over Bolivia.

Our first view of the salt lakes were unforgettable- the land is flat as far as the eye can see with huge white plains of salt that were left after the inland sea in south america dried up. i believe the salt plains are a massive 280,000km2 and we were told that many a family had been found perished in the middle of the salt lakes after attempting to escape and driving in the hope of finding a better life at the other side but getting lost or stuck in the sinking mud at the edges. we drove to fishermans island in the middle of the salt lakes which was completely covered in cacti and was a great vantage point for taking photos. after a great lunch we had a wicked time taking a load of arty photos and making the most of the lack of perspective on the salt lakes including photos of us being eaten by a toy dinosaur, doing a handstand on a knife point and many many others (took hours!! but was really fun). unfortunately, maeve, one of the group fell ill while we were there partly to do with the altitutude but also due to an infection we thought so she was taken off to hospital with some of the others while we were left to visit the salt hotel, a hotel made completely out of salt. its apparently illegal to actually stay in the hotel due to its extreme coldness and health and safety issues but was a great place to stay and watch the spectacular sunset over the lakes.


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