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An action packed time in Salta

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We now come onto the most action packed city in Argentina! For the next four days we didnt stop and managed to do some wicked stuff!

Sara braved her fears and plucked up the courage to do a bungee jump! it was pretty damn scary stood at the top of a bridge and looking down (although the fact that it was over water was slightly comforting!) but bloody amazing once you jump off! it was only 3 of us on the tour that did the bungee jump but our fears were lessened by watching a huge round guy who resembled jeremy beadle doing the jump first! we just wanted to check that the elastic did its job as it was a tad bit of a dodgy place (sorry mum!) as the owner had only just walked out of a bar with a beer in his hand and the guy who attempted to do up my ankle straps the first time was actually only the taxi driver! luckily i went and had them checked by the owner and he realised they were actually on backwards! oops! an awesome experience though and definitelty only a warm up for new zealand!

Jo also braved her fear of heights doing a parapent (jump of a mountain with a parachute), which was amazing and seeing as I would never in a million years attempt a bungee jump (so my mum has nothing to worry about!) it was pretty daring! I was pretty much the worst one to do it though, as we were told to run when they shouted 'go', but I failed, tripped up and then got hauled up pretty swiftly to stop me plunging to my ultimate death off the side of the hill!

The first night we arrived we had officially the best steak in the world! a full meal with a 22oz steak (!) a bottle of amazing wine was only 6 quid!! bargain! salta was an amazing city as well with great shopping and cheap clothes including hilarious shopping for a fancy dress night with a theme of bad taste- not too difficult considering the amount of awful clothes!

Another day we went white water rafting down a gorgeous river carving a canyon through sheer cliffs and craggy mountians slightly resembling the grand canyon. we had a wicked guide who made it so fun spinning the raft round and round in the rapids and kindly tipping it over into the freezing water! Sara was the only person in the whole group to fall out of the raft of her own accord with a hilarous slow mo fall with look of terror on her face as she got stuck under the raft! after the rafting we were given an amazing BBQ with yet more steak followed by zip lining across 4 wires over the canyons!

Sara also chose to do another days horse riding through the canyons and countryside. Having not mounted a horse for years there were a couple of moments when I may not have been quite so in control of our trusty steeds but I did manage to return relatively unharmed although walking or moving in general for the next few days was not quite as enjoyable!


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