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A Hop, Skip and a Jump over to the Argentinian Side

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It didnt take long to cross over into argentina- just a quick stamp of the passport and we were home free!

It was definitely true what other travellers told us about iguazu falls- they were 10 times better from the argentinian side!! first of all we had a 4x4 safarie through the national park followed by a boat ride down the rapids below the falls and the boat took us right under the falls! we were drenched right through!we then explored the different side of the falls and we were able to get so much closer and get much better views- especially of the ´devils throat´ where we could walk right over the top of the waterfalls right as they cascade over the top!

Puerto Iguazu was also wicked for night life! forgetting how late argentinians go out at night we got to a club at about 12 and it was empty! however we were tempted to stay by being offered FREE cocktails from the bar until it got really busy when the locals arrived and we had an awesome night!

Camping for weeks on end is interesting! Always living out of a tent and rucksack and having disgusting fly infested toilets and showers most of the time. We all gave up caring what we looked like within a week of being here! Its hard to have a lie in as well as the sun wakes you up at 7am!! we all muck in with all the work and are put in groups for daily chores such as cooking, washing up, cleaning the truck, and security. Luckily as two of the guys on the tour are chefs we have had some amazing meals on campsites- better than we have eaten out in restaurant, including currys, stirfry, fahitas, risotto, cottage pie, spag bol and chille con carne!!

When we are on travel days we end up camping at service stations on the side of the road! and stop around midday to prepare and eat lunch on whatever grassy verge is available, be it someones garden, another servo or most frequently just by the side of the road! we get so many funny looks! Especially wandering into a service station at 11 at night in pyjamas!

However we are now at the end of our camping days as we enter Bolivia and move onto staying in hostels!


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