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The Brazilian Side of Iguassu Falls

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Another 15 hour drive later and we arrived in Foz do Iguacu, the town on the Brasilian side of the Iguacu falls.

The first time we had a view of the falls was by helicopter ride over the top of them which was awesome!There was four of us in the helicopter at a time and from such a height we could see over the great expanse of the falls and also see the river junction which divides the countries of Brasil, Argentina and Paraguay. We managed to take some amazing photos from the birds eye view (ill figure out how to add the photos on this blog soon but for now theyre on facebook!).

After the helicopter ride we entered the national park and managed to get right up close to the falls. although the helicopter ride was brilliant, looking at the falls from up close really impressed on us the actual huge height of the falls as we were able to go on walkways all around them and see the 6-7 different waterfalls.

That evening our attempt to make cocktails was fatally flawed by our useless spanish in that we had bought a huge quantity of ´soya´ juices! disgusting! but soon made up for by going out in the town and buying readymade ones!!!!!

Our last day in Foz was interesting to say the least. we had great intentions for the day as we got up early to catch a bus to the itaipu dam in paraguay only to find that we missed the tour and had to go back! so instead we decided to go into paraguay for the day- notoriously famous for incredibly cheap electronics (mostly stolen!!!). the street sellers are sos persistent and were continuously trying to force us to buy socks or, as one guy amusingly tried to sell me, a beard trimmer! cuidad del este is famous for being the most  corrupt city in south america as it is sat just on the border and is used mainly for smuggling drugs and stolen goods across into brasil and argentina. the city was literally teeming with people as it was a national holiday and so was not pleasant at all. very busy, incredibly hot and it took us an hour and a half in 40 degrees heat to get across the bridge back into brasil due to the immense traffic!

However later that night we had a wicked time as all 18 of us went go karting around a massive track and had loads of races with only a few minor injuries!!!

just as we were leaving brasil we had managed to conquer the portuguese language successfully- we could all manage obrigado (in daves lovely mancunian accent!) and si! what a shame we had to move onto spanish speaking countries! Our (and by óur´I mean mine and the rest of the tour not jo!) Spanish skills are yet to be tested and I assume it will include a lot of sign language going on although I expect great things!now we leave the land of all you can eat buffets wth dodgy meat and caipirinhas, and move on to the land of gobsmackingly gorgeous steaks, red wine and pisco sours!!!!!


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