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The Clear Waters of Bonito...

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After only a short 5 hour bus journey from the Pantanal we arrived in the small but pretty colonial town of Bonito. The area is famous for its incredibly clear water in the rivers and the campsite that we stayed at had a series of beautiful clear pools that we lounged in during the days and sunbathed by the side of.

We spent one day snorkelling in a river called the Rio de Prata where we floated downstream for 2km in the relaxing current looking at the huge variety of fish up to 1m in length and swimming down to the bubbling springs under the surface. The best part by far was swimming down the section of rapids with the guide attempting to tell us which rocks to avoid but the most of us (apart from jo obviously!!) not having a clue what he was saying and ended up being bashed around from rock to rock.


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