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The Pantanal and Back to Nature

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After 2 days travelling, on a somewhat ´budget´bus, without air con, and camping by the side of the road we arrived at the Pantanal. A wetland area lying east of Rio, covering an area equivalent to the size of France.

We were transferred to our lodgings in a 4x4 truck, which acquired a flat tyre and we found ourselves forced to carrying our bags and crates of beer the remainder of the way (about half an hour!). On arrival we discovered that we would be sleeping in hammocks, on a farm and were also staying there at the same time as another budget tour.

Over the course of the 3 days that we were there we did some amazing things. We swam with Caiman (a type of alligator), waded into piranha infested water, in an attempt to catch dinner. We went horse rided, and are still suffering from the trotting, and were lucky enough during the ride to come across a 4 metre long Anaconda, which our guide wrestled and provided a great photo opportunity. We treked through the forest and saw toucans and a lot of other birds, caipibara (water pigs-the biggest living rodent), some monkeys.

Food became rather repetative, as we found ourselves eat rice and beans for every meal, although breakfast was just bread and butter, we ruffed it with the locals.

At night we sat around the fire with the other group, chatting and drinking and learning more about the Brazilian culture from our guides. The other tour also gave us advice about what was to come, as they had done our tour in reverse.

And we're off to Bonito....               


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