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Rio de Janiero Round 2

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Hi, we´re back again!

The Churrascaria restaurant was bloody amazing! all you can eat for only bout 4 quid! the waiters come around every 10 seconds with massive skewers of meat icluding beef, braised beef, pork, chicken, sausages and anything else you can imagine( although to be fair they never actually told us which meat it was, we just guessed,so it could have been dog or rat! still tasted nice though!

For wednesday, thursday and friday we changed to a hostel called the mellow yellow in copacobana (the biggest one) on recommendation by some friends from our first hostel in botafogo. their recommendation was awesome- this place has 5 floors with rooms of varying size from 2beds to 24beds! it has its own spa, pool room, bar, tv room and loads of really cool people as well as being only 5 minutes from the beach. weve had some amazing nights out in Rio with all the other backpackers including a massive samba street party in Lapa.

The weather for the first two days was warm  but a tad cloudy so we went to visit lagoa (the massive lake) behind ipanema beach and didnt stand out as tourists at all being the only ones on the lake in a large swan pedalo boat!

By far the best thing we´ve done so far has been a tour of Rocinha, the largest Favela in Latin America. A favela is a shanty town where the land is tax free so immigrants and the poorest classes build there own house from various materials, although nowadays it is generally brick, but initially it was all corrogated iron and wood. An expanse of 1km that stretches down the side of one of Rio´s many hills and holds 200,000 people, with the average women having 5 or 6 kids, you get about 16 people living in one room, basically a bedsit. A real eye opener and genuinely really interesting. We learnt all about the drug and gang culture there, the stuff of films and morbidly intersting. A really surreal experience, walking past guys who are carrying loaded machine guns and touching shoulders with well known drug dealers!

The token sights of Rio have now been covered and we have seen both SugarLoaf mountain and the Corcovado (Jesus statue) at sunset, which makes for some absolutely beautiful photos.

The weather has now improved and we have been sunning ourselves on Copacabana, although Ginge has managed turn a nice shade of lobster, with the token hand mark on her back marking a very clear border of where the sunceam was applied. We received plenty of male attention as we shared a sarong, as a beach mat, with us almost the same colour as the sand, being slightly shown up by the fact that every Brazilian lady had their bum out. We left being very impressed with the revival of speedos for men. A nap wasñ´t really on the cards as we were being hassled by vendors to buy some ´lovely´memorabilia of the beach, their selling line being ´hey there beautiful lady, you so beautiful, needless to say we have yet to fall for their charm!!


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