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The first Installment for Rio de Janeiro

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We had many good intentions to experience all the cultural sights and activities today, but became hugely sidetracked in a black market filled with bargains that could not be ignored, with Ginge having spent an absolute fortune, Jo however remained on the conservative side, for once. We bartered with stall owners, with Jo's exemplary Portuguese skills, saving at least 50p each time, a saving I believe any grandma would be proud of!

Sara's portuguese skills should not go unmentioned here, with many gesticulations and faces and notably using the word for thank you having walked into a fellow pedestrian.

In the morning we fulfilled our cultural quota for the day, visiting Santa Teresa, A town on the hill where all the arty folk and more wealthy Rioians (those from Rio) live. A rather steep climb, but our sportswomen's thighs did us proud!

despite the dependency on the Lonely Planet we have yet to get off any mode of transport at the right stop, and so have covered the city on foot.

Off to experience Copacabana this evening and sample the brazilian cuisine at a Churrascaria, a brazilian barbecue, and Sara is going to try her first Caiparinha.

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