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São Paulo and onto Rio

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We finally arrived in sao paulo after a two and a half hour flight to madrid then ten hour flight to sao paulo!! absolute effort! we did manage to get ourselves a row of three seats each! luckily we'd booked into a holiday inn for the first night for our last night of luxury and a warm shower before slumming it like the rest in tents and hostels. quite jetlagged after being up for about 24hours straight so we just went straight to bed in a gorgeous comfy bed!

The next morning we attacked the breakfast buffet with a vengeance and turned into our mums by taking LOADS with us wrapped up in napkins! major cheap skates we know! we then made our way to the bus station to catch a bus to rio, expecting a small crowded bus with no aircon like everyone said but found that it was an absolute luxury bus. it had fully reclining seats with foot rests, blankets, pillows, dvd player and drinks and snacks! amazing! after the six hour bus ride we arrived in rio got a bus to botofogo and are now staying in an awesome hostel in the middle of everything! jus off out to check out the city tonight and then the serious geeky tourist sightseeing starts tomorrow!

It is so cool around here, it's straight out of a geography text book. You can immediately see that the division between the rich and poor is huge and we have seen quite a few favelas already, which is exciting, although scary at the same time. The Lonely Planet is now officially our guide/guru/god, it has become a reliable travel companion, stored in the safe at night. On looking for somewhere to dine on the first night (please note that we dine, we don't just eat), we were looking for some fine Brazilian cuisine and ended up in the foodcourt of a large shopping mall. Jo successfully, well with a bit of hassle) ordered a simple pasta dish, then Sara managed to order a chicken salad, yet leave with a vegetable tortellini, much to the amusement of the waiting staff who seemed to find the concept of two english girls hopelessly ordering such a simple dish, side-splittingly funny. But to be honest the locals have been so helpful and friendly and with a bit of work they have been pretty good for directions etc.


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