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Paseo Numero 2 -> A Ritoque!

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For round two of the paseos we decided to head to Ritoque - a beach about 30 minutes away from Viña, that is famous for the New Years celebrations that take place on the beach itself.

The day was cloudy and we were seriously regretting not bringing more clothes and there was a definite chill in the air, but we carried on through the frostbite of those 12 degree te mperatures! The advantage of having relatively wealthy frie nds is that we managed to have 3 enourmous 4x4s between us, so we could climb the sand dunes. Boyo did we have fun! We drove right by the sea, on the sand- we could have stepped out of the car and straight into the sea- and then we hit the dunes. Ama zing. Literally a rollercos ter ride on the sand, bouncing all over the place and just going up and down on what appeared to be a desert, or maybe that was just because I've never seen a desert. Anyway, we found a place to stop and made camp, which technically involved the guys preparing the barbecue and getting the cooler out the back of the truck, whilst the girls plaid a shockingly bad game of frisbee, which turned out to be more of a 'go fetch the frisbee' game.

Then the sun arrived. A very unwelcome guest. This meant that from previously having had temperatures of about 20, they suddenly rose to 30/35 and being in the middle of the dunes meant that the sand was incredibly hot some we were forced to lay items of clothing and anything that would serve as some sort of heat-stopper, to make it across the dunes, without losing a foot in the process.

After each of us had consumed sizeable amounts of meat and beer, it was definitely time to try to find our way to the sea, which we believed to be hours away, due to our seclusion. We climbed in the cars and left the men to clear up. It took us a good five minutes to ‘eventually’ reach the beach. Michel, Felipe’s girlfriend literally ran into the sea, revealing her very very skimpy bikini, which was interesting to say the least, especially as she was probably a size 14. Each to their own.


We then had a session of games, including Frisbee involving boys and girls, meaning it flowed, although there was obviously a lot more competition. I then took all the boys on at beach tennis and beat everyone; I became invincible that afternoon and gained a lot of street cred!


We then headed home, all burnt to a crisp and ready for a night out back in Viña. We had to go out together otherwise people wouldn’t understand why we were all so red faced!



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