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Barbecue in a Secret location...

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Post New Year it was decided amongst friends that we would start making 'Paseos', little trips at the weekend, to make the most of the time when we weren't working.

So trip number one was to Los Aromos, which was apparently just 35 minutes from Viña, which would, potentially have been a reasonably short journey, if you hadn't have been guided by a group of men trying to light a barbecue and give directions at the same time. So have driven th 12.4 kilometres that they said it should take us to get there we arrived at a truck stop, where no one had the faintes t idea to the location we were seeking. Caro took advantage of this time to buy some snacks and return with literally the smallest bag of peanuts you have ever seen, but grinning like a cheshire cat with her purchase. She then took the phone to take directions from Corcho, but misheard his name and called him Concho, which is not a very nice thing to call someone, so we all ended up in stitches unable to comprehend the appalling directions that we were being given!

When we finally decided to turn off the main road to what potentially could have been where we wanted to be, we passed what appeared to be a military base, complete with enormous tanks and Ken, being half Japanese, seized the m oment for a photo opportunity and we performed an emergency stop and he got the chance to climb the tank and get a picture. One happy Japanese man.

Then we saw the gates, a very posh looking setting that required a code to get in. We had the secret code and passed through without being noticed. Once in the 'park' we found a sign telling us that the lake was a mere 8km away. Eight kilometres of the worst roads I have ever seen, seriously, it was touch and go at some points, where we just had to accelerate downhill in order to have any chance of climbing the immense hill that fac ed us. We survived and passed the 'smurf house' as directed. From this piece of information you can tell that the boys' directions were far from thorough or even helpful. We thought that we had seen the smurf house, stopped and took a photo and then realised that that was not the one they meant and we had another 3km to go.


However, on arrival it was completely worth it. The lake was beautiful and huge, and even despite our 'detour' we managed to arrive before anyone else, so the place was completely deserted and thus our little paradise. The boys had set up the barbecue and the food was almost ready by the tim e we arrived, so literally there was nothing to do but sit, relax and have a beer



I then realised that the best was yet to come....Corcho and Yoyo (two brothers) had brought their jetski and they w ere letting us all ha ve a go, s o m uch fun. Granted I was hard pushed to get above 50 km, but it was still lots of fun; idyllic, some may say.

Spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling in the water o r taking in the spectacle that was Corcho on the bik e! Lovely day, lovely company.



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