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A quick tour of my new house

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So my new apartmente is definitely not as well located as the last one was, but it's close to the centre and I have lovely housemates.

My room is pretty compact (to say the least)

And we have a lounge come dining room, which is pretty rare in Chile as they usually like to optimise space and use all available rooms as bedrooms.

Final room of any interest is the kitchen, which dates back from the 80's I would guess. Very typical and not overly exciting but just to give you a bit of an idea as to where I am living.

Then there is the view from our balcony, which is nice, but obviously has no view of the sea. Also, the two photos below are taken around the other tower block the faces our balcony!

So that's it really, just a brief tour of my new apartment. Enjoy.


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Viña del Mar, Chile