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My Welcome to the Mad House!

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Moved into my new apartment after returning from Mendoza, in a bit of a hurry but managed to do it relatively easily.

Having only met one of my new flatmates I was rather aprehensive. I arrived to an empty house and unpacked my stuff into my rather small room (however it isn't much different from my room at home). Also, the view of my new apartment is definitely not as good as before, mainly looks towards another building and the hills, but never mind, it's a good fifty quid cheaper than my last one!

So last Saturday was my welcome dinner. A night full dedicated to moi! Mari Jose spent the entire afternoon slaving away on so
meCharquicán- a chilean speciality:
     ·      1/2 kg minced beef

·        8 potatoes

·        1 onion

·        1/4 kg green beans

·        1/4 kg peas

·        1 piece of pumpkin

·        2 corn on the cobs

·        2 cups of beef stock

·        dried oregano, chilli pepper and salt


 It is a really stodgy meal that would be perfect for winter, although it went down a treat on Saturday, despite temperatures surpassing 30°c!

The theme of the night really was to eat and drink chilean and we ate so much and then drank a considerable amount of Pisco (the Chilean liquor) and headed to Valparaiso for a night at a club called Playa. That place was amazing, built in the 1920s it was really authentic and the cellars had been opened up and there was a live Reggae band playing.


Anyway, more than anything this is a chance for me to display some pictures, of my new housemates and of the night really.

Sunday, hungover as hell we all just headed to the beach as it was pretty much all we could manage! The photo below is Mari Jose, Sofia, Me, Antonella and Anita our neighbour, who is always in our apartment.


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