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Mendoza Part 2

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So now onto day 2 of our trip to Mendoza.

Having been forced
to get up by despot Ken, we headed for the thermal springs of Cacheuta. I was expected a hole cut out of the mountains with bubbling springs. That it was not. It was basically just a water park with lots of different pools at different temperatures and a wave machine that came on periodically. Lots of fun though and set in an amazing location, right in the mountains, pretty much in the middle of nowhere.


We hung around there for a few hours, resting and sunbathing. The boys found the most fun was to be had in the hottest pool there. It was literally boiling and, needless to say, completely empty. So they decided that one-by-one they would jump into the pool. This was accompanied by groans of pain but being ‘men’ they stuck it out and survived at least 20 seconds in the pool, which included all photo opportunities. On exiting the pool they discovered that the flesh on the feet had begun to cook. Nice.


The afternoon left us a bit of time to chill out. Sit by the pool and drink some beers. We made an effort to try every single type of Argentinian beer and then decided to move on to the Pisco that Ken had insisted that Ricardo bring with him. (Seriously, we were on the bus and he was making calls for roughly half an hour to secure one bottle of Chile’s favourite liquor!)


 At around 1ish we headed to a club, which we were recommended to visit. However, at the time, we were unaware that it was so far away, in a place called Chacras. It was 30 minutes in a taxi, but that like a mirage on the horizon appeared a plethora of lights and people. About 15 enormous night clubs, all with about 200 parking spaces each could be found there along with what seemed like the entire young population of Mendoza! We went to a club called Alquimia, which was amazing. Three floors of different music; first floor was pure Latin America stuff, a bit of salsa, but we stayed there very briefly, just to experience the amazing moves that some people were showing off. We hit the electro floor in a big way, after having chilled outside for a bit on an amazing veranda that was über cool. Caro (a f r iend of Ken’s, who we bumped into in Mendoza, and was celebrating her birthday) went into a trance like state as a result of the disgusting strong measur es they were offering there- giving that you paid 15 pesos to get in (roughly £2.50) and that got you 2 free drinks of whatever you wanted and obviously there was no means of measuring how much spirit you got, so they gave you to glassed, one for the alcohol and one for the mixer!!


After a lifetime of dancing Hattie and I decided to return home at around 6, as we had to catch a bus at 8. The one hour of sleep that we managed to get was insufficient to say the least and we awaited the bus journey with excitement and the prospect of our bus with fully reclining seats, to catch up on some sleep.


The journey home was painless and quick. Perfect.


Moved into my new flat and there begins more stories…


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