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That has made my day...

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A funny story for you, from which I am still reeling! I have turned into a 12 year old again.

The company I am working for, Community, is currently in the process of expanding, so they are recruiting and we have new people in the office. Two Peruvian guys have been in the office since Monday (although they've just left), and they were really lovely, and highly attractive, to say the least.

One of them, Bernie, I think was fascinated by us English girls and spent a significant period of time in our office, chatting to us and just generally being friendly. He's from Peru, studied in Jerusalem and lived in Miami for over 10 years. Anyway, he was explaining something and mentioned that he was an actor (I thought I heard another word and kind of assumed he was an actuary or something that sounds the same) but I ignored that. Then he mentioned that he had just been to the Dominican Republic filming, so we asked whether he was actually filming or if he was a star, he then pointed out that he had said all along that he was actor and that he is a star of South American soaps on the channel that appears in the US for hispanics there. Mental. He is actually very well known.

We couldn't work out why all the girls in the office were shying away from him, but it was actually because he is mega famous, but we didn't have a clue, hence he spent two days sitting in our office, wasting time! He even invited himself out with us last night, but stupidly we didn't go out in the end.

Anyway, his name is Bernie Paz and I'll put some photos and links below so you can see what I'm on about (he even starred in the Latin American version of Desperate Housewives, as Eva Longoria's husband, Carlos):




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