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World Cup Qualifiers...

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So Sunday went pretty badly and Chile lost to Ecuador, with everyone writing it off as their worst performance ever, so Wednesday's game was looking a little too hard. However, by some miracle Chile ending up beating Argentina 1-0, winning for the first time in 33 years. This story may seem pretty irrelevant, mainly due to the fact that at no point in my life have I ever been interested in football...until now. With every goal that was scored an enormous cheer erupted around the whole of Viña and potentially even round the hill to Valparaiso. It was absolutely amazing, if you sat with the TV muted you could hear everyone's reaction around you. As soon as the whistle blew for full time the city went absolutely mental.

We headed out at about 11 to go meet up with the legendary Yuki, and everyone was filling the streets, pretty drunk, but it was so cool to see the patriotism that these guys have for their country. In the bar we went to, every five or so minutes a group of people would jump onto the tables and start singing 'Viva Chile, Viva Chile', whilst waving flags around. Granted, the majority of them were wasted by that time, most of them having started drinking at the beginning of the game at 8. What was more amazing was how friendly all these people were. Everytime people started talking to us, they were just so nice, not once growing tired with speaking English, or deciphering our Spanish. Since I have been here I have not spoken to a single person who seems begrudged to help. They always have time for you in Chile.

Enough of my philosophical ramblings and patriotic reflections...time to get to work.


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