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Mistake number 1

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Ok....Just a brief one as I lament my inability to understand the Chilean accent. It is comparable to maybe a deaf man speaking, as the Chileans never say the whole word, they opt for instead a sequence of squeaks and they lisp their way through sentences with the other people nodding in agreement, like it's a private joke or something.


Anyway, the reason I say this is that somehow my miscomprehension got us into a rather odd situation. Due to the failure of our Hoover we borrowed one from our boss who lives in the building opposite us. I must explain that Cesar is a beautiful man who weighs in at a good 18-20 stone, long greased back hair, a few warts dotted around his puffed up face, that really make him a catch in Viña, I can hand out his number if anyone's interested. Well, having borrowed the Hoover he called to get it back before the cleaner came the next day, but on arriving at our apartment he asked us all if we wanted to go for 'that' drink now or later, absolutely baffled I opted for later. We then agreed to meet him in a bar and he took us for drinks and dinner as a kind of welcome to Viña thing. He said he was surprised when I invited him for a drink. Brilliant. There it is. I didn't even realise I had, but he had a great time, bless him. I really need to perfect my Spanish before I start dinner dating the entirety of the town by mistake.


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Viña del Mar, Chile