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The Travelling Companion You Shouldn’t Be Without

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When embarking on any long-distance journey, there are a few items you need to pop into your suitcase. Your passport, for one thing, a swimsuit, a second pair of shoes and the likes… but there are a handful of products that make travelling as simple as can be, and you don’t want to be caught out in the great outdoors without them.


Here is your guide to the best travelling products you need in your life. Before you rush off for your flight, wise up and plan ahead…


The Best Travel Products of 2020


What are these incredible products set to make every journey a success? You came to the right place to find out!


1 – Mouldable Glue


Nobody should be leaving home in 2020 without keeping a packet of Sugru mouldable rubber in their pocket. This innovative product can be used to mend almost anything. If you are trekking across the outback in Australia and your backpack breaks a strap, Sugru can take care of it. Hole in your water bottle? Sugru can patch it. Broken camera? Try some Sugru. There are millions of uses for this awesome product, all of which can be applied to life on the road, in a car, or even in a hotel.


2 – The International Speak Easy


The Pilot is a new tech invention that seeks to operate in the same way as language is translated in sci-fi movies between different planets. This device fits over your mouth so that it can translate the words you say into whichever language you need to speak in. They are a young start-up that are doing wonderful things for the international traveller. And if you can’t use them? There’s always Google Translate.


3 – The Robot Suitcase


If you happen to be elderly or infirm, lugging a suitcase around for miles on end is enough to put you off traveling entirely. The robot suitcase lets you work around this in a pretty special way. Some suitcases are fully functioning robots, designed to follow around the person holding their controls. Add in obstacle avoidance, electronic tagging for keeping track of your bags, and the ability to operate as a regular old-fashioned suitcase, and you end up with an expertly designed suitcase that is incredibly beneficial to those who can’t manage to carry a case.


4 – Portable Water Filters


Next on the list of innovative travel tech are portable water filters. This applies more to the backpacker than any other travel demographic. While out in the wilderness, water can be scarce. Instead of carrying kilograms of water around with you, a single filtration system is all you need. Most can filter out germs and bacteria faster than you might expect, leaving you with clean drinking water that won’t put you in hospital in later life. If you plan on going off-the-beaten-track, a water filter is a must-have for survival.


Travel Tech Should Work For You


We have tried to summarise travel tech that adds to your traveling experience, rather than takes away from it. Travel tech should work for you, not the other way around. Do you have any travel hacks for the road? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


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