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Top Ten Things To Do On Norfolk Island Holidays

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Norfolk Island is one of Australia's most fascinating destinations. It is a sub-tropical island with vast biodiversity and unique culture. It is present in the South Pacific Ocean and forms an external territorial part of Australia. Surrounded by placid and pristine turquoise water, the island offers much to the visitors like the sandy beaches, the serene greenery, the mountain peaks, the national parks and bio reserves, incredible cuisine, dramatic cliff faces, and so on. Snorkelling, hiking, swimming, scuba diving are popular sports you can relish on the island. Here are the top ten things that you simply cannot miss out on your Norfolk Island holidays:


1. A visit to the Emily Bay

As soon as you settle down in your accommodation in the Norfolk Islands, you should first go for a swim in the turquoise crystal clear waters of the Emily Bay Lagoon. Present in the area of the world heritage listed Kingston, this lagoon provides shelter to various fishes and corals. It is a perfect visit for a summer holiday, particularly for those who love swimming and snorkelling. A walk during the low tide around the reef can be relaxing and calming. The view is of endless enchanting sea life. At night under the starry sky, the bay looks majestic. The beach is busy throughout the year, even during Christmas.


2. Pay a visit to the World Heritage Site – Kingston

The Kingston and Arthur Vale Historic Area or KAVHA is a world heritage site. It contributes heavily to the rich culture of Norfolk Island. You must visit this magnificent place to witness a surviving example of the colonial expansion of the European powers. Set by the Kingston coastal plain and bounded by the serene hills, KAVHA's archaeological remains and landscapes form a picturesque landscape. It forms one of the main tourist areas in Norfolk as well as Australia.


3. The Hundred Acres Reserve

The Hundred Acres Reserve is a National Park in Norfolk located on the Headstone Road, opposite to the beautiful Moreton Bay fig trees. A walk through the myriad of tracks feels refreshing and is ideal for an escapade from the monotonous rat race of life. You can spot a variety of birds and some kangaroos in the reserve easily. The tranquility and charm of the forest, the clifftop views of the rugged coastline, the prolific birdlife makes it worth for you to invest your time and money for paying a visit to this place.


4. Watch a beautiful Norfolk Sunset

Sunsets are visible from any point on the island but Puppy’s Point provides an uninterrupted view. The western part of the island has the best vantage points. The sky melts down into hues of golden, orange and crimson on a sky blue canvas and the ball of fire disappears from the horizon. It is an ecstatic and aesthetic vision to watch. You can enjoy this beautiful watch with seafood delicacies available on the beaches. Delicacies of brown shrimps, mussels, longshore cod, pacific rock oysters are a must for you to try. There are several dishes of banana which are quite popular amongst locals and tourists. Being located in the sub-tropical region, the island has various tropical and sub-tropical fruits and vegetables growing. Dishes made of these produces are heavenly to taste. You definitely need to try them out.


5. Visit the Norfolk Botanical Garden

With wonderful landscapes, enthralling gardens and protected species of plants, the Norfolk Botanical Garden with its arboretum forms a popular tourist attraction. You can travel through the garden in a tram, boat, or simply take a walk through it. There are garden guides to help you explore the enigmatic garden. There are beautiful spots like the Bicentennial Rose Garden, Sunken Garden, Tropical Garden, Rhododendron Glade, Renaissance Garden, NATO overlook, and Fragrance Garden, etc present inside the Norfolk Botanical Garden.


6. Experience Wonderland By Night

Norfolk is famous for having beautiful pine trees and luscious bushland. There is an arrangement called the 'Wonderland By Night' made for the tourists. Ten acres of Norfolk pines and bushland are lit up to make the forest look magical and enchanting. You can meander through the forest and the winding pathways. There is a 'Moon Bugee' service which can accommodate ten people at a time. There is a bounty mutineer show set up for entertainment and you can enjoy the island fish fry.


7. Enjoy Ghost Tour Dinner

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 6:15 pm, there is a setup for the tourists to enjoy an elegant progressive dinner and lantern walk through the ruins of Kingston and other places while listening to delightful and spine chilling tales. This experience is enthralling and will bring down shivers through your spine. Actors dressed up as ghosts narrate eerie tales believed to be true!


8. Wander through the Sunday Markets

Located in the Bicentennial Complex, the Sunday market caters to all kinds of tourist and local needs ranging from local art and craft, souvenirs, jewellery, books, flowers, fruits, vegetables and regular necessities. There are locally brewed coffee stalls and local artists entertaining the visitors. The art and craft of the island are vibrant; these include seashell artefacts, vintage objects, paintings, jewellery, etc. Apart from the Sunday market, these kinds of things are also found in fares and other shops.


9. Visit Mount Bates

Mount Bates is the highest point on Norfolk Island and provides a breathtaking three-sixty degree view of the island. It is accessed most conveniently through the Mount Pitt summit track. Mount Pitt is the second highest point on Norfolk Island and is another tourist attraction. The view on Mount Bates is spectacular. There are remnants of weapons used in world war II present at the summit. The summit point tends to become slippery during the monsoons so you should be extra careful while climbing up the slope.


10. Visit the Norfolk Island Museum

The Norfolk Island Museum is located at the world heritage site of Kingston. A must watch for the tourists, the museum reveals the turbulent history of Norfolk. With over three thousand artefacts in the Sirius collection recovered from the wreck of HMS Sirius and other beautiful objects to watch, the museum tells about the culture of the place from times of its first inhabitants, the Polynesians to the Bounty mutineers. There are shows that take place on particular weekdays in the museum for entertainment purposes.


Norfolk Island is flooded with tourists all year round. Tourism is a major economic booster for the country. The island's untouched nature, incredible scenery and placidness make you instantly fall in love with it.


The unforeseen global pandemic of Covid-19 hit hard on the tourism industry of the island, thereby affecting the economy to some extent. Travel bans were imposed throughout the island. Recently, the travel bans are lifted and the island has been opened up for tourists again. The travel industry is prepping up for synchronizing with the pandemic situation and social distancing norms.


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