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7 Reasons to Visit the Beautiful and Remote St Helena

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St Helena is a tropical and volcanic Island that is situated in the South Atlantic Ocean and is one of the most remote islands in the world. At only 10.5 miles long, it is often overlooked as a popular vacation destination, but this makes it a hidden secret. It was discovered back in 1502 by the Portuguese and then became under the British empire. It was often used as a place of exile for key prisoners, including the famous Napoleon due to its remote location. If you want to know more, here are seven reasons why you should visit the beautiful and remote island of St Helena.


The Accommodation

St Helena doesn’t have a very big population - there are only around 5,000 people - but most St Helenians come from across Europe, due to the island’s connections with Britain and Holland. The people of St Helena are known for being some of the friendliest people you will ever come across, with everyone waving to greet others. Therefore, while there aren’t many places to stay in St Helena, the accommodation that is available is some of the best.


You will find hotels to stay at in the capital, Jamestown, but if you are looking for accommodation that is quainter and more welcoming, then there are plenty of guest houses that welcome tourists and visitors. This accommodation was established in 1999 and is a home from home on Main Street nearby all of Jamestown’s eateries and bars.


It is Unique

St Helena is a truly unique and remote island that is unlike anywhere else in the world. The volcanic island is based in the middle of the ocean surrounded by nothing but the sea, which means that there are picturesque views for miles. The nearest land to St Helena is Africa, but even that is 1000 miles away in the distance. For much of its history, the island was only accessible via boat, but Saint Helena Airport was opened in 2016 which makes it much easier to get to. However, flights are limited, with only two per week being operated during the summer months.  


The Weather

St Helena has been blessed with some of the best weather any country experiences all year round. Temperatures are usually around 20-27°C no matter what the season, which makes it very popular amongst tourists from the Northern Hemisphere during the winter months. However, while it is always a high temperature in St Helena, it can experience tropical rain climates in the Blue Hill region. Though due to the small size of the island, you can soon get from one side of the island to another.


The island really does have the weather to suit all travelers, as if you struggle in the warm temperatures, then the sea breeze is always available to cool you down.



As discussed earlier, Jamestown is the capital of St Helena and this is where most tourists flock to where they can enjoy the historic landmarks and quaint bars and restaurants. It is only a small town, with around 600 residents, but if you are looking for a peaceful and isolated vacation destination, then this is the place for you. The town is built on igneous rock in a small enclave that is situated between the steep cliffs that make up the James Valley (hence the name Jamestown).


There are places to eat and drink in Jamestown, and while they aren’t bustling, you will see have plenty of delicious foods to try. Due to the many historical influences that St Helena has had, you can enjoy food from all over the world, especially Chinese, African and Portuguese. However, St Helenians are well-known for adding their own special twist on traditional dishes and popular meals on the island include St Helena fishcakes, PLO dishes, and grilled wahoo steak. No matter what you enjoy eating, you will not go hungry on the island.


Picturesque Walking Trials

The dramatic and picturesque views make St Helena home to some of the best walking trails around. If you enjoy doing some exploring during your vacations, and enjoy amazing views, then St Helena is the place for you. The South West Point is one of the best walking trails on the island and is one of the most accessible, so even if you aren’t an experienced trekker, then you can still enjoy the views and land.


However, in the summer months with the blaring sun and warm temperatures, it can sometimes be difficult to walk long distances. Therefore, you should be sure to stay hydrated and pack plenty of sunscreen so that you can keep yourself protected from the sun. You may find that visiting later in the year and away from the summer months will make the walking trail more enjoyable.


Diving Opportunities

St Helena has some of the clearest water for miles, which makes it a great place for divers to enjoy. The waters surrounding St Helena are full of exotic marine life, and white sharks can often be spotted from the shores. This draws a lot of visitors in the November to May months, but humpback whales can also be spotted during the winter months.


Therefore, it is no surprise that diving enthusiasts come from all over the world to enjoy what St Helena’s waters has to offer. There are also many shipwrecks that are fun to explore when out diving in the waters. While you can dive at St Helena all year round, the water is warmest between October and April.


Its History

If you have already heard of St Helena, then it is likely to be because of the French general, Napoléon Bonaparte, who was sent to exile in St Helena after he lost the 1815 battle of Waterloo. Therefore, if you are a fan of history, then you should be sure to visit the house he lived in, which is still preserved today.


St Helena is one of the most unique vacation destinations available with views and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else, so don’t hesitate to go somewhere different for this year’s vacation!


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