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Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind on Your First All-Inclusive Holiday

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Going on an all-inclusive holiday is one of the best ways to enjoy complete pampering from start to finish. You really have nothing to worry about throughout the trip, which means you can have an absolutely relaxing holiday. If you are looking for the best way to recharge after months of work and the challenges of everyday life, going on an all-inclusive holiday is exactly what you need.


Going on your first all-inclusive holiday doesn’t have to be daunting at all. While the experience is slightly different than planning a more conventional type of holiday, you can still have a lot of fun without worrying too much about the trip itself. These next few do’s and don’ts will help you get the best experience on your first all-inclusive holiday.


Do: Look for Bundles


You can make an all-inclusive holiday even more affordable by bundling it with flights. Rather than purchasing the holiday package and your airplane tickets separately, you can save up to 40% on your flights by bundling them together.


Thanks to online travel agents and search tools, finding the best deals on bundled holiday packages is easy to do.


Don’t: Skip the Deals


Just because you are booking an all-inclusive holiday, it doesn’t mean you cannot be frugal or wise about the trip. While you are already saving a lot by opting for an all-inclusive trip, you can save even more by looking for the best deals possible.


Top sites like offer access to the best holiday packages to fantastic destinations. You can find a great package and the right destination by either looking at these selections or using the search tool to find the best options.


Do: Tip!


If an all-inclusive resort doesn’t allow tipping – or doesn’t require you to tip employees – it will make it clear that no tipping is allowed. When you check into the property, someone at the front desk will let you know about the resort’s policy.


Otherwise, you want to show appreciation by giving tips to resort employees. You are simply showing gratitude for the exceptional services you (will) receive throughout the trip.


Don’t: Travel During Peak Season


All-inclusive holiday destinations and resorts are becoming more popular. They are now in the sights of mainstream travelers thanks to the buzz generated by travel influencers. With more people going on all-inclusive trips, one thing you want to avoid is planning yours during peak season.


You will end up with a full resort, which will inevitably make your entire trip feel more, well, cramped. There will be more people during meals and more using the resort’s facilities. Find an off-peak time whenever possible and you’ll have a much more relaxing trip in general.


Do: Use Your Miles


Since all-inclusive hotels and resorts are very popular, it is not surprising to find more deals and special offers on the market. The best resorts are working with airlines, credit cards, and loyalty programs to promote their holiday packages. This means you can redeem your mileage and other loyalty points to get discounts and free nights.


Free nights are actually very valuable. You still get the full amenities of an all-inclusive resort, but you are not paying anything for them. Adding one or two extra nights for free – on top of your existing days – will certainly make the trip that much more enjoyable.


Don’t: Stay In


Going on an all-inclusive holiday doesn’t mean staying in the resort ALL the time. It just means that you can enjoy meals, grab drinks, and benefit from the amenities provided by the resort at any time during the trip. You can still visit holiday attractions, dine out at local restaurants, and do other things along the way.


Staying in is only recommended if you are going to a beach resort or a retreat away from the city. Traveling to nearby attractions is not always possible in these instances, which makes simply relaxing in the resort well worth it.


Do: Eat In


While you can sample local restaurants and visit attractions, you want to avoid things like grabbing coffee or snacks outside of the all-inclusive resort. These items are already included in your holiday package, so paying for extras outside of the resort means spending money unnecessarily.


You actually have the option to bring your own mug or tumbler – and one or two extra containers – for coffee, other drinks, and snacks. The next time you want to leave the resort for a tour, hit the restaurant and bring a few snacks with you just in case.


Don’t: Break the Rules


Every all-inclusive resort has a set of policies, including a dress code and other rules, which you need to follow. Failure to comply with the rules may result in your holiday being cut short. With a dress code for dinner, for instance, not complying with the rules will result in you not being allowed in the dining area.


Fortunately, you can review the resort policies and rules that you need to follow before making a reservation. Detailed information can also be found on the resort’s official website, so there is no reason not to comply with them.


Do: Have Fun!


Yes, you can have a lot of fun in an all-inclusive resort. Meals are free and are usually available all the time. You have a free flow of drinks to enjoy. Many resorts, like the infamous Club Med Bali in Indonesia, even have private beaches and gorgeous swimming pools to keep you excited. There are plenty of events and entertainment to enjoy too.


The only thing you need to do on an all-inclusive holiday is to have fun. That’s it! Pack your bags, endure the long flight to the destination of your choice, and enjoy a few days of nothing but absolute pampering. You only need to try going on an all-inclusive holiday once to know that you’ll want the same level experience on any holiday. I know, because I was blown away by my first all-inclusive trip too, and I’m glad I gave it a try. 


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