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8 of the World’s Most Unique Types of Accommodation

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If you enjoy adventure and like to explore, staying in something other than a hotel may interest you. Having somewhere different where you can do more than just sleep after a long day might become the highlight of your entire trip away. From igloos to tree houses, a boat or even an airplane, these unique versions of places to stay will have the power to transform a normal stay into a once in a lifetime experience that becomes unforgettable. So, here are eight of the most unique types of accommodation that exist around the world that you should consider.


Hotel Costa Verde

In Costa Rica, you can find the Hotel Costa Verde. This special type of accommodation means you can spend your nights in a luxurious refurbished vintage Boeing 727. This transformed airframe consists of a 2-bedroom suite that is completed with teak furnishings (hand-carved) plus a bedroom to the rear that has a deck that has been handcrafted on the top of the wing. There is also a terrace that has an ocean view. Here you can relax and watch the wildlife such as monkeys, sloths, and toucans, that live in the nearby trees. The plane is secured by a podium made from concrete and the height in which it’s placed simulates the feeling of flying when you look out the window.



In Harads, Sweden, you will be able to find an extremely impressive treehouse that architects have designed to be unusual yet futuristic. There are multiple treehouses located in this area, all of which have their own unique design. This naturistic accommodation sits within the trees. One of the designs involves mirrored walls which are used to camouflage the treehouses by reflecting their surroundings. An aluminum frame that is wrapped around the tree trunk forms the base of this design, which adds to the blended in effect. Other designs include one that looks like it has been constructed out of Lego alone while another one has a flying saucer appearance.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Saariselka, Finland, is home to the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. This well-designed resort is where the Igloo Village sits, plus one of the biggest log restaurants in the world. These unique little igloo hotels are made from snow and glass. From August to the end of April, the northern lights can be seen from these igloos, which is an extremely spectacular and unforgettable experience. The snow muffles the sounds made in the world outside, making a night’s sleep in these igloos very peaceful.


Dog Bark Park Inn

Found in Cottonwood, Idaho, the Dog Bark Park Inn is home to a hotel that has been dubbed as the ‘largest beagle in the world.’ This hotel allows guests to sleep in an inn that is shaped like a giant dog. The Dog Bark Park Inn is the perfect place for dog lovers. It has a dog theme throughout its décor, which includes 26 dogs that have been carved as well as dog-shaped cookies and, to top it off, real-life dogs are also allowed to visit. This makes it a perfect getaway for pet owners.


Geographic Marine Expeditions

Operating across Alaska, these small cruises offer an opportunity that takes its guests deep into the Alaskan wilderness. From Kodiak Island they call home, to the Aleutian Islands and the breath-taking Katmai coast, these research cruises provide a unique and educational experience that allows you to take part in the conservation of mammals and coastal birds, exploration of the sea and deep-sea oceanography. Four staterooms are available on the ship, each one is cleaned to a high standard and is appointed thoughtfully. They offer an insight into the lives of qualified marine biologists. If you like the sound of this experience, follow the link to check it out.


The Manta Resort

Located in Pemba Island, Tanzania, this underwater hotel offers an adventure that makes you at one with marine life. This structure floats on the sea and contains three levels, each provides its own experience. The landing deck located at sea level has a bathroom and a lounge area. A ladder then takes you up to the roof where you can lie and embrace the sun throughout the day and star gaze during the night. With little light pollution, the clarity of the space above is incredible. A luxurious bed that is surrounded by glass walls offer a full view of the ocean at the lowest level of the accommodation.


Spitbank Sea Fort Hotel

Found near Portsmouth, England, this 1867 sea fort was built as a deterrent against the French Navy. Now it has done what it was made for, it has been converted into a small but luxurious spa hotel and retreat. The features of this hotel include a sauna and circular plunge pool that is sat in the former gun emplacement located on the rooftop and the wine-tasting room used to be an ammunition store. This unique hotel opened in 2012. It has 8-bedroom suites that feature a sea view, a restaurant, a bar, and decks for sunbathing finished with fire pits. The soothing sound made from the waves can be heard from the gun ports that have been converted into windows. Boat transfers from Portsmouth and Gosport are available to this sea fort hotel.


Woodlyn Park

Woodlyn park can be found in Waitomo, New Zealand. It is a working farm that has a diverse selection of accommodation on offer. This includes a patrol boat used in WWII, a transformed railway carriage, a converted plane (one of the last to get out of Vietnam in one piece) plus a refurbished 50s polystyrene-clad freighter that exists as two units that are self-contained and make up the first underground hobbit motel in the world, inspired by the Lord of the Rings tales.


With such a fantastic variety of places to stay on offer as well as all the experiences that you can enjoy alongside your special stay, there are so many reasons to look at staying somewhere that isn’t ‘just a hotel.’ Get out there and stay somewhere amazing and unforgettable, you won’t regret it!


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