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Fishing for Redfin Perch in Europe, UK, Australia and New Zealand

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Redfin are a much loved perch fish originally from Europe and the United Kingdom. In their natural habitat they span all the way through East and Western Europe, appearing in all countries except arctic and tropical south regions, they can be found as far east as Kazakhstan. Although much has changed of the natural environment over the centuries in these regions, nothing has stopped the redfin from thriving, and even today they are considered a species of least concern in regards to extinction potential.


Redfin were also introduced to Australia and New Zealand, along with some areas in Canada after the British settlements began in these regions. Today they can still be found, although are considered fairly rare in Canada, as the local Yellow Perch dominates most freshwater regions there, wiping out most redfin over a few generations.


In order to catch a redfin, one has to know the surroundings they prefer, typically if you are in an area which contains European Carp, you will also find Redfin. Redfin only exist in freshwater streams, rivers and lakes, they don't cope with salt water very well, so are rarely found in any waters other than 100% freshwater.


In terms of fishing for redfin, the best redfin fishing lures are often the same as people use for trout, spin lures are excellent and the rapid spinning motion tends to draw them into an easy attack when you manage to get a lure near them.


Other popular lures for redfin are soft plastic grubs or swimmerbaits, which when coupled with weedless fishing hooks, can get right into the preferred habitat of the redfin, which is underneath logs, fallen trees, rocks and inside thick weed beds.


Redfin prefer to hide and ambush their prey, so are rarely found travelling in open waters unless they are schooling with many other fish. Redfin often school together when they are looking for new waters, more food or simply trying to find a new hiding spot, this provides them with both safety in numbers and also allows them to be most effective when they come across a school of much smaller fish.


Redfin also love live baits, wriggling worms and baby fish are the best bait for them, and you can even hook a baby redfin in order to catch a larger one, they are not selective in what they will eat, and pretty much anything they can get they will latch onto, this goes for live bait as well as lures.


If you want to catch a large redfin however, it's best to use a large bait, if you are quite happy with any sized fish however use smaller lures.


They are most actively feeding during the early morning and at sunset, while during the day will hide away in full sun or migrate in schools only.


I hope this article has provided you a good introduction to redfin fishing, they are a great fish and very easy to target and catch, much fun can be had by fishing for redfin perch regardless whether you are in Europe or a country where they were introduced.


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