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Air Rifles Available in the Market

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There are a number of reasons why someone would own a gun. One of the main reasons is self-defense. In a world where it is getting increasingly easy to face an unexpected attack whether you are out on the streets, or sitting safely in your home, it is imperative to be able to defend yourself. Also, some people have a hobby like target shooting or even hunting, in places where it is allowed. For these purposes, it would be a good idea to own an air rifle. As per Air Rifle Center, there are a number of different kinds of air rifles and other rifles that can suit a number of purposes, budgets and uses. Here is the list!


  • Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle: This one is quite a well known model and it is known to be a reasonably priced one. This is the latest version of the traditional air rifle and it can be extremely accurate as well - in fact, more accurate than its predecessors. One would do well to bring this home in case hunting is on the agenda. The installation of the scope tool also makes it a very accurate shot, and it can help in snagging prey lurking at quite a distance as well. Yet, the disadvantage is that the trigger can be quite hard to use which makes this a rather cumbersome rifle sometimes.


  • Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air rifle: This one is smaller in size than the above rifle and it is also a good choice for anyone looking at getting their hunting game on. The rifle is smaller in size than most air rifles and it is equipped with a powering mechanism which is perfect for hunting. This is a powerful rifle with the versatility of a smaller weapon.


  • Slug Zone Specialist Rifle: As per The Outdoor Life, the Slug Zone Specialist Rifle is a silent killer with a special scope which gives it the desired level of accuracy. In fact, the rifle and its scope ensures that you will get a great accuracy level even if you cannot really focus on the prey and if the prey is restless. It has a detachable box machine that can hold up to two rounds of bullets, which is a great thing for those who want to follow and shoot prey for longer durations. Its stainless camo finish also makes it a great looking weapon.


  • Thompson Center Compass: According to Wide Open Spaces, this rifle is a lightweight piece that can actually help in getting a greater level of accuracy than most air rifles. It is also easier to lug around, point and shoot. It has a 60 degree bolt handle which helps you in taking quick action in case you see the desired prey.


Before you buy any of the above air rifles, it would be a good idea to find out what kind of permit or license one would require to own the same.


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