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The Best Countries to Take Your Band on Tour

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For passionate musicians there are few experiences in life that offer the same level of thrill and satisfaction simultaneously as touring with their band. The first few tours a musician undertakes are often a rollercoaster of emotions and many musicians find that the excitement of touring is matched only by the anxiety and anticipation which builds up beforehand.


One of the really wonderful things about music is its ability to transcend cultural and national differences, even when music is accompanied by lyrics in a language that we don’t speak we can still find ourselves drawn to the beauty of the underlying music. For the touring musician this means that they should feel able to take their music to new places and showcase it to people even if they don’t speak the same language.


For this article we have spoken with professional musicians and hobbyists alike about which countries they would most recommend for new musicians looking to take things on the road.



When we think of countries with famous music venues and a thriving live music scene, Switzerland is not the first place that comes to mind. However, much to our surprise, when we talk to musicians who have experience touring throughout Europe, it is Switzerland that they keep coming back to.


The country is renowned for its hospitality, and few groups will appreciate good hospitality more than a touring musician. As well as the great hospitality, crowds in Switzerland are both friendly and enthusiastic. Consequently, many musicians cite the positive atmosphere at gigs in Switzerland as being amongst the best they have experienced.



Being the third biggest music market in the world, it is unsurprising that Germany is such a popular touring destination for musicians of all genres and descriptions. Like Switzerland, audiences in Germany know how to party, but unlike some other countries, they are able to party and booze without allowing a hostile atmosphere to develop.


Another great thing about touring Germany is that the country contains a number of major cities, meaning that bands can undertake extensive tours. There are large and well-regarded music venues located all throughout the country, especially in cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne.



Norway is known for its very generous levels of government spending on the arts and culture. As with the other Scandinavian countries, Norway likes its socialist politics and as a society there is a very pervasive sense of community and belonging, two things which are great for musicians.


Many musicians also speak highly of Norway’s abilities to inspire them creatively. The beautiful landscapes, largely unspoiled by industrial machinery, provide the ideal backdrop for touring. Students who are studying an online MMME degree, such as the one from Rutgers Online, can learn a great deal from Norwegian musicians. Touring while studying an online master of music in music education is the ideal opportunity to pick up some local knowledge which can be passed on to students.


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