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Capture Better Travel Photos with These Simple Tips

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One of the best things about traveling today is the fact that you can share the experience and memories with family and friends. There are many ways to share your travel experience too, including through the TripnTale community. As travel becomes more popular, the demand for more travel content is also growing.


Don’t just settle for the usual holiday pics. With a bit more effort and some preparation, you can actually shoot great holiday photos and bring home pro-quality pictures. Here are the best tips and secrets you can try on your next trip.


Get a Polarizing Filter

I almost always shoot travel photos with a circular polarizer (CPL) filter on the lens. The filter lets you do a number of things. First of all, you can turn the front part of your CPL filter. The right position lets you enhance the colors on certain things, mainly the blue of the sky and the sea.


You can also use CPL filter to remove reflections. Simply turn the front element until you see less – or no – reflection on water or glass. Using CPL means you can capture the underwater scenery from above clearly. Imagine the holiday pictures you can capture with this filter alone.


Know the Destination

To be able to capture great photos, you need to know the best spots to visit. Before your next trip, spend some time researching the destination and finding great places to visit along the way. You can also browse through pictures from the different spots in the area for reference.


You can, for example, learn more about Grand Canyon tourist attractions before your trip to the National Park. Entering the location on social media gives you streams of photos from other travelers. Don’t forget to browse through TripnTale for photos from other community members too.


These photos are perfect as sources of inspiration. You should never try to copy them. What you want to do is use the pictures as a reference when planning your trip and visualizing the kind of holiday photos you want to capture.


Add Scale

Scale is an element you can use to add impact to a travel picture. A picture of an empty Grand Canyon will not show its grandness. A picture of the Grand Canyon with a hiker near the bottom of the frame, on the other hand, gives viewers an idea of just how big and majestic the landscape really is.


Scale is also useful for emphasizing closeness or distance. When photographing people in a traditional market, the size of the people in your frame shows the audience how close you are to the actual scene. You can capture more immersive travel photos by using scale to your advantage.


Don’t Forget People!

The most attractive travel photos are often ones with people in them. Don’t hesitate to communicate with locals and fellow travelers; that’s the spirit of TripnTale and a good habit to get into whenever you are traveling. Get close and interact with the people around you; you’ll find a lot of interesting moments to capture this way.


Now that you know how to capture better travel photos, the pictures you bring home from your next trip will tell even more stories than before. Don’t forget to share them with the community here on TripnTale!


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