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If you are starting your Norway tour from Oslo and interested in adding a touch of culture to your trip, the museums of Oslo have got you covered. Whether you're a history buff, curious about Nordic heritage, or just looking for a fun way to stay warm on a brisk winter day, you have many options in this capital city. After all, Norway has much more to offer than stunning scenery! Here is just a few museums worth your time:



The Folk Museum is situated across the fjord from central Oslo, on an area of land known as the Bygdøy peninsula. It is an open-air museum, a portal to the past that has been in operation since 1894. Visitors can explore many of the expertly-restored historical houses, making the experience genuinely feel like traveling through time. Costumed staff members are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and they paint an accurate picture of 19th-century Scandinavian life from multiple perspectives.  Many of them can also demonstrate the common trades of that time. Children are quickly captivated by the traditional tales, but even if the stories about Norwegian farm life don't get them excited, the old-timey sweet shop certainly will.



The Viking Ship Museum is conveniently located right next to the Folk Museum, and the two pair well together. This museum is home to three of the most well-preserved Viking ships anywhere in the world. When they were unearthed in the latter half of the 1800s, they had already been underground for about a millennium. Few discoveries have shed so much light on the daily life of the Vikings as the ships on display in this museum. Three skeletons, along with their antique possessions, are on the exhibit, as well as artifacts and decorations from the ships. Tickets to this museum also allow you to visit the Historical Museum, located in the city center. The Viking Ship Museum is one of those quintessential Norwegian tour experiences that you won't want to miss.



Famous Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl couldn't stand to lose an argument – that's how he ended up attempting to sail all the way from Peru to Polynesia on a homemade raft. He had a major feud with leading academics in the late 1940s, who refused to accept his theory that the first humans to inhabit Polynesia had sailed there from the coast of South America. Heyerdahl and his five crewmates undertook this epic mission in 1947 to prove that such a journey was possible. The Kon-Tiki Museum is all about this remarkable story, which is sure to fascinate anyone visiting Oslo.



Across from the Kon-Tiki Museum, you can find the Fram Polar Ship Museum. Here, you can learn about a wooden schooner from the 1890s – Fram – that was designed to be the strongest, most resilient ship of its caliber. It is possible that no other ship has traveled as far to the north and the south as the Fram. Its craftsmanship is apparent in the fact that it is still in showcase condition after all that work, especially considering it had to cut through massive blocks of polar ice and endure lethal winds. The Fram Polar Ship Museum may be the right place to excite your spirit of adventure, and prepare you to tour the best of Norway!



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