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Unusual Methods of Saving Money on Your Travels

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Traveling is a favorite hobby for many, whether you enjoy long stays, country-hopping, backpacking, beach holidays, or a series of short city breaks throughout the year. However, one of the main downfalls of traveling regularly is the impact that it can have on your wallet! When you’ve been working hard to save up for your next trip, getting the cost down can be a very important factor to consider. Thankfully, there are several unique methods of saving money on your travels that you may not have thought about yet. Here are some ideas that you might want to try.


#1. Secret Hotel Deals

Are you not too fussed about the accommodation that you stay in, so long as it’s in the right area, clean, and safe? If this sounds like you, then you might want to try and save some money on your next trip by booking an Expedia mystery hotel. This works by allowing you to select a hotel location, facilities that you need, and other factors including your price range, but you won’t know the exact name of the hotel until the booking has been made. In many cases, booking your accommodation this way means that you can get a five-star hotel for the price that you’d usually pay for staying in 3-star accommodation!


#2. Airline Miles

If you’re a frequent shopper, then why not enjoy some rewards on your spending by signing up to collect airline miles from Avios? With hundreds of different shops and e-commerce websites available around the world, where you can turn what you spend into points that can then be put towards flights, this is a great way to earn whilst you spend and turn your regular grocery shop into currency towards your next flight ticket.


#3. Couch Surfing

For those who are traveling solo, as a couple, or even in a small group of adults, shying away from standard types of accommodation can be a great way to save money and have a different kind of travel experience. Couch surfing, where you stay with locals rather than book a hotel room or hostel bed, can be a wonderful way to get to know your destination more intimately and make new friends from the immediate area. You can find several couch-surfing websites offering verified hosts that you can rely on.


#4. Earn as You Travel

Whilst many of us travel in a bid to get away from our working lives, what if you could earn money from traveling? Travel blogging has taken off in the last few years, so although it may be difficult to set up a competitive travel blog today, there’s nothing to say that it’s impossible. Documenting your travels in writing, videos, and photographs will give you plenty of content that can then be used to set up a travel blog, e-commerce website, or other travel-related online business, such as affiliate marketing.


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