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How To Travel Across The United States on a Budget

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The American road trip is one of our nation’s most prevalent rites of passage. It’s not hard to understand why either, as the United States is huge and across its area it encompasses numerous biomes. The range of natural features and wildlife to be seen here makes it one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world and, consequently, there is a tremendous amount to see and to do.

While traveling across the US is a joy and an experience that anyone would be lucky to have, it can definitely get expensive, especially if you don’t plan ahead. The good news is that with only a little bit of basic planning, you can travel the entire length of our great nation without putting a serious dent in your finances.

We have collected some of the best words of advice from travelers who have already successfully made the journey on how to minimize the financial impact so that you can focus on enjoying everything that the United States has to offer.



The cost of accommodation will be one of the most significant and is largely unavoidable. It is possible to pack up a tent, of course, and if you have access to an RV or motorhome then you’re already sorted. However, for many of those making the journey, especially younger people, these options might not be practical.

Airbnb is an app that allows users to find a spare room in another user’s home, often while they are away, and stay there at a lower rate than a hotel would charge. Alternatively, there are cheap hotels to be found just about everywhere as long as you aren’t fussed about amenities. Given that you will probably only be staying in these places for a night or two, you don’t need the Ritz!



Food is another unavoidable expense, but there are numerous ways of making it cheaper, especially if you aren’t a fussy eater. Increasingly, those on a road trip across the US are opting to hunt their own food as they go. This is easy when traveling through some states, but remember that you need to obey local laws regarding both hunting and the possession of firearms.

While in more liberal states, such as Texas, you can quite easily rent a firearm and take advantage of the laxer laws, for the best hunting experience when using an AR-15 or similar rifle, make sure you have the best AR 15 lower available.



Of course, any road trip is only going to be as rewarding as the things you do on it. Luckily, there are many beautiful, natural sights to be seen when traveling across the United States and you don’t need to spend any money to experience the best bits of America. It is worth investing the $80 in a national park pass, however, as this will grant you access to any of the nation’s parks for free.


Travelling across the United States is something that every red-blooded American should aim to do at least once in their lives. Such a trip doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag, provided that you plan carefully.


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