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4 Exciting Activities to Put on Your New York To-Do List

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From the skyscrapers at Wall Street to Times Square’s neon lights and the leafy pathways of Central Park, there are few cities in the world that can compete with the energy of the Big Apple. A global center of entertainment, finance, media, and fashion, New York is filled with unforgettable icons and landmarks, world-class museums, and exciting things to see and do. Whether you’re visiting for a fast-paced city break or taking a longer stay in New York to explore everything that the city has to offer, here are some of the best activities to put on your to-do list.


#1. Take a Helicopter Ride:

The sights of New York’s skyline are second to none, so why not treat yourself to the best view in the city with a helicopter ride? Choosing a helicopter ride over the city will give you an unforgettable panoramic view of the cityscape and a unique look at the most iconic landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the Empire State Building to name a few. There are several helicopter ride options to choose from, from a cheap, basic fifteen-minute tour including some of the city’s most famous landmarks to a fully customizable private helicopter ride that allows you to choose the landmarks that you want to see the most. Follow the link to see how you can get a helicopter ride NYC Groupon.


#2. Explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

For artisans and creatives, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must-see in New York, however, you’re sure to find something that takes your interest even if you don’t define yourself as the creative type. With more than two million works of art inside its walls, the museum represents five thousand years of artistic history – looking at everything here could take up your whole week! So, plan ahead and decide what you want to see the most in this huge building’s labyrinthine corridors.


#3. Climb the Empire State Building:

A trip to New York is certainly far from complete without a trip up the iconic Empire State Building. With its super-slim silhouette spanning 102 floors, the Empire State Building is a symbol of the Big Apple that’s recognizable virtually worldwide. Visitors can make their way up to the deck on the 86th floor for some spectacular views over the city, or go up even further to the observation deck on the very top floor for a truly unique experience from 1,250 feet off the ground.


#4.  Watch a Broadway Show:

Whether you’re a massive fan of theatre, or simply want some fun and entertainment during your trip, head over to the over three dozen Broadway theaters that can mainly be found surrounding Times Square. Choose from a plethora of big-budget musicals, independent plays, or stage debuts featuring some of the big names in Hollywood – there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy here. Bear in mind that it’s best to purchase advance tickets for the popular shows, however, you can try your luck for discounted tickets on the day at the Times Square TKTS booth.


Do you have any activities to recommend to visitors to New York? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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