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Chasing Adventures When in the USA

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One of the biggest dilemma whilst planning a vacation is choosing between a leisurely holiday involving rest and relaxation opting for an adventurous holiday full of thrills and excitement. If you consider yourself to be adventurous and outgoing and are looking to raise the level of adrenaline in your blood, then the big outdoors surely won't disappoint you. People of all age groups love to that heart pumping and the adrenaline rush entailed by an exhilarating trip. Whether it’s zip-trekking through an open valley or sky diving off a plane, everyone seeks to step out of their comfort zone to experience something crazy and daring that they will remember for the rest of their lives.


If this sounds like your idea of fun, then you will love the numerous hair-raising sports and activities that a trip to the USA will bestow upon you. Among many other qualities, versatility has been one of the top attributes of the United States. The country's vast landscapes and geography has been a home for such thrill seeking adventure junkies for a long time. One can practically indulge in wide range of activities, from bungee jumping to hiking to surfing the best waves to paragliding, USA has it all.  Moreover, owing to it’s perfect geographical location, the USA has nurtured various natural wonders since a long time. So, if you are a travel freak with a particular knack for adventurous places, you should definitely consider adding the USA to your bucket list.  Here’s a list of places you should consider if you’re chasing thrills whilst in the United States and looking to step off the beaten path. We promise, these wild activities will be worth experiencing!


1. Moab, Utah

If racing a bike down a series of mountains and slopes gets you excited, Moab is the perfect place for you. Situated in Utah, Moab is one of the most unique national parks in the US and a considerable place for some serious adrenaline rush. Flanked by the Alpine Mountains and Colorado River, Moab bestows picturesque view of lakes, large canyons, rivers, massive waterfalls and of course steep cliffs to each of its tourists. Apart from the adventurous bit, you also get a chance to capture the beautiful colour hues of the canyons, plateaus and ridges. The ‘Dead Horse Point State Park’ is a paradise for adventure seekers, thanks to the plethora of activities with the furious Colorado River which is 2000 feet below. Race another 20 miles from Moab, and you will stumble upon the eternal La Sel Mountain, at a height of 13,000 feet, it offers stunning beauty and natural diversity.


2. Southern West Virginia

If you wish to enjoy the thrill of rafting, then exciting and unforgettable experience awaits you at West Virginia. Known for its wild rapids and white-river rafting activities, Southern West Virginia is a natural paradise for adventurers. You can even go kayaking near Fayetteville on the New River or Upper Gauley between September and October, as they are the ideal months for rafting. For any other time of the year, you can visit the Summersville Lake and laze around on a lazy float on the placid waters for a truly magical experience. Additionally, there are several adventurous opportunities like rock climbing, fishing in the streams, swimming, sailing, jet-skiing, etc. to cater to your adrenalin fix.


3. Grand Canyon, Arizona

No trip to this side of the world can be complete without a visit to the majestic Grand Canyons, one of the world's premier natural attractions. The 277 miles long and a mile-deep Canyon has always offered the thrill of adventure to its visitors with its gorgeous views, historic sites, and Native American ruins. Running along with Colorado River, you can literally float down the Salt River by raft and gaze the spectacular Grand Canyon covered in its red and orange grandeur. There are several activities such as white-water rafting, fly-fishing, bird watching, etc.. You can even partake in road races and mountain biking through large granite boulders and exposed bedrock guaranteed to challenge the most dedicated cyclist. Some must-do activities include the ‘Grand Canyon Village’, ‘North Rim’, and ‘Bright Angel Trail’.


4. Kauai, Hawaii

Popularly known as the "garden island" owing to its wet climate, Kauai is the lushest of all of the Hawaiian Islands. From boating along the dramatically beautiful cliffs of the Napali Coast which is 4000 feet above ocean Levelto Mountain tubing in the miles of water flumes of Lihue, Kauai is brimming with excitement and natural beauty and has something for everyone to enjoy. You can harness up and zip across valleys and gulleys or just jump up on horseback and explore the green pastures of Princeville, Kauai has a range of action-packed activities and rides for you to revel in. Furthermore, if you just want to laze around and bask in the sun, you can rent a shack on one of the many beaches. This hands you an unparalleled opportunity to gaze at the sunset and witness the varied colours of the coastline change as the sun sinks into the ocean; it's truly an enchanting sight to behold.

5. Mount Rainier, Washington

If you are one of those climbing fanatics, Mount Rainier in Washington is the perfect place for you. The dramatic landscapes here, create the perfect conditions for thrill-seekers. Created in 1899, Mount Rainer National park is the fifth oldest National Park in the United States and one can never fall short of telling stories and instances of this beautiful place. Boasting of more than 300 miles of trails, 14,410 feet of fun and adventure await your exploration at Mt. Rainier. Watch the sun rise from above the clouds on the summit of Mount Rainier or hop on a train and explore the stunning waterfalls. You can also hike with the wildflowers or jump on the Gondola to explore the scenic wildlife and greenery, you will be greeted with amazement, every step of the way.


  1. Appalachian Trail

Considered one of the best hiking routes in the US, the Appalachian Trail is one of the longest continuous footpaths in the world and passes through an incredible 14 states. This 2,190-mile stretch spanning across sloppy woodlands, sharp ridges and deep valleys is considerable trip for the true daredevils. Popularly known as the “AT”, this trip includes numerous obstacles: walls, barrels, heaters, waterfalls, etc. and grants you mesmerising views of the most amazing landscapes in the country. Other attractions include the Vermont’s largest corn maze, hiking, caving and kayaking, Quechee Gorge and much more. Despite sounding daunting, this trip can easily be enjoyed by people of all ages, provided you take the services of a reputed adventure company. The emotions and impressions from this breathtaking expedition will last for a lifetime.


Final Thoughts

Spread across 3.8 million square miles, there is a new and exciting place to find thrills at about every turn in this country.  You don't need to be a hard core hiker to explore the rugged and remote areas in the US, as most of these parks are properly supervised and well maintained. With several cheap flights available to the US throughout the year, don't miss an opportunity to explore the wide and varied lands of this magnificent country. Furthermore, with the US Visa procedures increasingly simplified, procuring a US Visa is no longer an issue like in the olden days.


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