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How to get a Tourist Visa to Canada

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What’s a Visitor Visa?


A visitor visa is a document issued by a Canadian visa office that offers evidence that you've fulfilled the requirements to get into Canada for a temporary period for a visitor.

Possessing a tourist visa doesn't guarantee that your entry to Canada; you might nevertheless be asked questions concerning the duration of time you aim to keep in Canada, that you intend to remain with, how you are going to support yourself throughout your stay, and also that which you would like to visit Canada. The objective of these questions is to your Officer to decide whether you're planning on departing Canada prior to the expiry date of your visa as needed, and also to make certain you have the capital to support yourself while in Canada (you can't legally work in Canada while on a visitor visa) and for your return journey home.

Visitor visas (TRVs) are usually issued for a 6-month duration. The applicant could be granted either a single entry visa or even a multiple entry visas.

Canadian Visitor Visa:

Multiple Entrance Visa

Above 35 million return to Canada to the temporary basis every calendar year, using this number just projected to rise. If you're out of the visa exempt nation, for example, the united states of America, you have the right to stay in Canada to get as many as a few weeks at one moment, provided that you satisfy your 'admissibility prerequisites' to input Canada (it really is crucial to remember that in the event you're a visa exempt man living anywhere apart

From the USA or even Saint Pierre and Miquelon, at this autumn of 20-16 you'll need to procure a digital journey authorization record ahead of getting into Canada by way of atmosphere). If you aren't out of the visa-free nation, you're expected to make an application for and be awarded a guest visa (also called being a nonpermanent resident visa) until it's possible to input Canada.

Single Entrance Visa

Single Entry Visa Even when you don't remain for the complete period of your trip (i.e., you just stayed in Canada for one month rather than 6) you can't return to Canada after departing. You'll need to reapply for and be granted a current TRV/visitor visa before returning please visit

Duration of a Multiple Entrance Visitor Visa

Multiple entry visitor visas are usually awarded for ten years, or until one month before the expiry date of your passport. This means you could remain in Canada for up to 6 months at a time, on multiple occasions during the whole period of your permit.


If your passport is expiring soon, it's strongly recommended that you renew your passport before applying for the multiple entry visitor visas; this way you won't need to reapply for another Canadian visitor visa when you get your new passport.


If you're in Canada on a visitor visa that's going to expire soon, and you want to extend your stay as a visitor, you may apply for an extension of your visitor visa program. This program can be completed either online or via paper application. Provided that the extension application is submitted before your trip duration expires (6 weeks on the day you arrive, even for those who get multiple-entry visas), you can stay in Canada before IRCC issues a decision on your visa. If accepted, you can remain in Canada before the new expiry date, even if denied you must leave Canada immediately. Another advantage of the multiple entries is that if your extension is denied, you can exit the country, and return soon after for another six months.

What is necessary to apply for a Multiple Entry Visitor Visa?


These documents are needed to complete the visitor visa Program:


-Maintain good health

-Can Have No criminal or criminal related convictions

-Have enough funds to support yourself and your loved ones (if appropriate) throughout your stay in Canada, in Addition to for the return travel home

-Might be required to provide an invitation letter from somebody in Canada

-Might be necessary to complete a medical examination (normally only for visits more than six weeks)


Along with the above mentioned files, you will also have to prove the following:

Convince the Officer was processing your multiple entry visitor visa program that you've got strong ties to your home country- if the Officer doesn't find a close connection to your own country, they might not believe that you will return home following the length of their trip expires; this could create a possible rejection. Evidence of ties could include: proof of employment, evidence of home ownership, community bonds, dependent spouses or children staying at home, household relationships, bank accounts, and resources, etc..

The aim of the trip- the more convincing the reason behind the voyage, the more likely the Officer will approve the program (i.e., to be present for the birth, attend a funeral, see family members that you've not seen for several years, to visit a sick family member; all of these are robust and legitimate reasons to go to Canada.)

Establish a stable financial situation- It's better if you've got a solid financial position when applying. The Officer will love to find that you can financially return home when necessary and that you can support yourself throughout your trip as you're legally not able to work.

The economic and political environment of your home country- if you're travelling to Canada from a country in chaos, the Officer may question if you're going to return home after the expiry of your trip's duration, or in the event that you may attempt to apply as to stay in Canada as a refugee.

Invitation from Canadian sponsor- using a powerful message and support letter from the loved ones or friends in Canada will only increase the odds of a favorable decision on a program.


How do I apply for a Multiple Entry Visitor Visa?

If you're thinking about visiting Canada as a guest if it's to stop by a relative, a friend, or merely to experience all that Canada has to offer, then Akrami & Associates will help. We've got experience helping hundreds of customers visit Canada on multiple entry visitor visas, and are proficient in preparing specialist software that meets the Officer's requirements. Contact us now for a consultation concerning your situation.


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