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Don’t Miss These Autumn London Events

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Special events abound and the crowds are moderate in London in autumn, making it easy to explore the seemingly endless sites of the city. Time to book a serviced London apartment rental and begin planning your holiday!


London Cocktail Week

Say “cheers!” all types of beverages – and an amazing drinking adventure. London Cocktail Week celebrates the best alcoholic concoctions at over 250 bars. The celebration includes a multitude of pop-up bars and a cocktail village, just a super-quick double-decker bus ride from central London in Old Spitalfields Market, where you can drink through the event’s highlights, in one convenient venue. Purchase a £10 pass for access to unlimited cocktails in location across London for only £6 each. In addition, the seven-day festival includes distillery tours, masterclasses, tastings, and food. London Cocktail Week runs from Monday, October 2 – Sunday, October 8, 2017.


Jasper Johns

One of the best-known figures from the abstract art movement, the Jasper Johns show at the Royal Academy of Arts is a must-see for fans of art. The show runs from Friday, September 29 – Sunday, December 10, 2017. This allows plenty of time to admire this artist’s creations, and appreciate what propelled him into fame.


London Film Festival

Schedule your trip to try to catch a glimpse of celebrities at the London Film Festival. Attracting actors, directors, and writers from around the world, this famous festival runs from Wednesday, October 4 – Sunday, October 15, 2017. Expect the event to attract an incredible who’s who list and great people watching opportunities across the city.


Autumn Leaves

There is truly something magical about walking through London’s majestic parks while the leaves are bursting with colour. The boasts lovely gardens that become even more breath-taking in the autumn. London’s iconic historic buildings also provide unique photography opportunities while ringed with the red, orange, and gold of autumn foliage. 


Museums at Night

What’s better than London’s top museums? Only London’s museums at night! At the end of October, London’s celebrated museums stay open in the evenings for unique experiences. Museums at Night includes a variety of locations and special events including Halloween-themed displays and more. You won’t want to miss the spooktactular offers in this annual event.


The Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace will feature Venetian culture and art along with informative talks and food. View curiosities related to sorcery and spiritualism at the National Archives. They will even have a 19-century mummy-unwrapping party.


You won’t want to miss the huge range of activities and special events at London’s Museums at Night bi-annual event. There are plenty of options to please both adults and children of all ages. From live music by candlelight at the Handel & Hendrix to narrowboat trips through the Islington Tunnel, you’ll develop a whole new sense of London after dark. Check the Museums at Night schedule for a full list of locations, dates, times, and events.


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