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Choosing a taxi service in Oxford

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These days there’s a lot of focus on critical issues affecting us far and wide. From Fake News to melting ice caps, everywhere you turn there’s something pulling your attention. Choosing a taxi service in Oxford should be the least of your worries, but many of us are taking a closer look at how we get around.


As more and more of us opt to ditch the personal car and choose public transport or increase our fitness and health by using bikes, sometimes you really do just need to get from A to B as quickly and smoothly as possible – no fuss, no stress.


In this short but vital guide to choosing a taxi service in Oxford, you can gain some insights into hassle-free travel.


#1 It pays to stay loyal

New taxi services appear a lot – as soon as one taxi service crops up, so do five more. It seems better, then, to shop around and find the best one. The problem with this approach is you don’t get to know the company, and you could be at risk of being over-charged if they know you’re a new customer.


Taxi services love it when customers come back to them again and again, and some drivers will more than go out of their way for a loyal customer!


#2 Know your routes

Taxi drivers know the roads like no-one else, but it’s worth knowing the fastest or smoothest routes to common destinations, like train stations and airports. This helps when a new driver comes on board, or if you think you’re being taken on a longer route to increase fares.


Similarly, if you really don’t like a route – for example being on the motorway – it’s good to know alternatives so your driver can be accommodating.


#3 Be nice

Not every taxi service employs nice drivers. Equally, any taxi driver expects to receive politeness in kind. Just because you’re being driven around doesn’t mean your driver does your bidding for you.


Try striking up a conversation. Driving for extended periods back and forth across Oxford can be a lonely job, and it gets even lonelier when passengers are quiet.


#4 Tip

Great service should be rewarded. True, you are already paying the driver for their time and effort to take you to your destination, but a kind tip is much appreciated – it’s nice to let people know when they’ve done a respectable job.


Just ensure you don’t feel obligated to tip every driver – bad service shouldn’t be encouraged, which is why, when you book with us, you’ll never find a bad driver on the roads.


#5 Realise the benefits of choosing a good taxi service

Air conditioning that feels like a cool breeze. Comfortable, spacious seats to kick back and relax. Plenty of room for your bags. Modern vehicles and uniformed drivers so you can truly travel in style.


Go Green Taxis offers all this and more. We put professionalism and friendly service at the top of our list, with spacious storage for luggage and eco-friendly Oxford taxis, booking a taxi service really doesn’t have to cost you the earth.


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