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5 Summer Fishing Locations in Japan That You Have to Try

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Japan is an archipelago, meaning it’s surrounded by water – in this case, the Pacific Ocean, the Okhotsk Sea, and the East China Sea. But not only is Japan surrounded by these bountiful bodies of water, it also has several rivers and lakes within its lands. This makes Japan a good spot for fishing, both for business and for leisure.


In fact, fishing is one of the more popular tourist activities in Japan. Here are some of the best fishing spots in Japan for both seasoned anglers and tourists alike.


Lake Kawaguchi

Black bass is extremely popular around the world as a prime “game fish” – which means it’s caught primarily for sport. In Japan, it is a foreign species and there are only specific locations where black bass is available. The most popular is Lake Kawaguchi, and it is known as one of the most popular spots for catching black bass. Lake Kawaguchi is also popular for the rainbow trout; this colorful fish lures several fishers every day to this location.


There are a lot of boat rentals and fishing equipment shops around Lake Kawaguchi, so you can enjoy fishing even if you don’t have your own fishing equipment.


Lake Yashio

Masu salmon and rainbow trout are two of the most popular fishes to catch in Lake Yashio. Nestled in the mountains, Lake Yashio is surrounded by nature, which contributes to the overall calmness of the environment as you cast your line into the waters.


Guided tours are available at the resort, where beginners can learn the basics of fishing with the assistance of an experienced staff. Meanwhile, more experienced fishers can also avail of the gear and tackle rentals to land their best catch from the waters of Kiroro.


Shiribetsu River

The Shiribetsu River in Hokkaido is a popular spot for fly fishing in Japan. The crystal clear waters hold different species of trout, including rainbow trout and brook trout, as well as char. These fish are common all year round in Shiribetsu River, though fly fishing itself is more popular in July and August.


However, perhaps the best deal of all is that you get a bonus view of Mt. Yotei and Mt. Fuji while fishing.


Tokyo Bay

For over 300 years, boat fishing has been taking place at Tokyo Bay. The most popular fish here are the Japanese sea perch, sea bream, and flounder. Fish and other seafood caught in Tokyo Bay are called “Edomae” – these are prized ingredients for high quality sushi.


More fishermen arrive at Tokyo Bay during autumn, so if you want to avoid the crowds, your best bet is to visit during the summer. For those more reluctant to go out to sea, don’t worry! You can still try your luck to catch fish from the banks.


Ohara Fishing Town

Located in the Chiba Prefecture, the fishing town of Ohara is where almost 60% of Japan’s ise-ebi – the Japanese spiny lobster – harvest comes from.  Depending on the time of year, you can catch a variety of fish from Ohara, which is a traditional fish port, but the aji or horse mackerel is the most plentiful during the summer months.


Fishing is a hobby that’s both calming and thrilling, especially when you land that big catch. If you happen to be in Japan, try it now and see why people get so easily hooked on fishing!


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