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Visit Virgin Islands – A Family-Friendly Paradise

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The US Virgin Islands is famous among divers and snorkelers because of its beautiful beaches and rich corals and marine species. It is also known as the dreamiest place for fairy-tale-like proposals, weddings and romantic vacations for couples. And if you are looking for the best place for a family getaway where your kids will surely enjoy, the Virgin Islands is perfect for you.


Here are the best family and kid-friendly places in the Virgin Islands:


  1. The Sugar Bay Resort and Spa in St. Thomas

Sugar Bay Resort and Spa is a great option for families. The place is accessible and only 5-minute drive to the Red Hook ferry terminal, restaurants and shopping areas. The beach is clean and safe for kids. The resort is also equipped with family-friendly amenities with large standard rooms. The kids can also enjoy the resort’s fun water activities which include bumper boats. They can also be part of Kidz Klubz where they can join in supervised kid activities like iguana feeding, hunting games and snorkeling.


  1. The Magens Bay

The Magens Bay has calms waters which makes it a perfect spot for kids to swim. The bay is surrounded with mangroves and coconut trees. There are plenty of fun activities families can enjoy such as kayaking, snorkeling and paddling in paddleboats.


  1. The Virgin Islands National Park in St. John

The park has abundant lushes of greeneries where families can enjoy hiking. As you hike, the park rangers will also narrate you the history of the islands plus, you’ll get to know a great deal about the ecosystem. It’s a fun and educational nature trip for the whole family.


  1. The Coral World Ocean Park in St. Thomas

A fun way to make your kids island visit more enjoyable and memorable. The Coral World Ocean Park has tons of activities and displays that will surely keep your kids entertained. They will surely be amazed once they get a closer of the sharks, sea turtles, sting rays and sea lions. They can also touch the animals at their touch pool and get to watch animal feedings and various animal shows.


  1. The Ritz-Carlton in St. Thomas

It is a fabulous accommodation for families complete with spacious rooms and amenities such as kiddie pools. They also have windsurfing camps. Families can enjoy the beach or can play golf, hike and enjoy several water sports.


Overall, the Virgin Islands offer tons of sights and attractions that are great for kids. There is Bird Watching in the Mangrove Lagoon and there is also a Butterfly garden in St. Thomas and more. The beach excursions and water activities for the whole family just seem endless. And the best way to experience the beautiful waters of the islands is by sailing. Mr. Charter offers the best boats and yachts complete with amenities perfect for families. You can easily book their services at Visit Mr. Charter Website now and choose from variety of modern vessels that will surely satisfy your family’s sailing needs. Indeed, the best vacations are those spent with your families.          


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