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What to See in Jakarta during the Night?

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As is the case with other trip plans, your Indonesian holiday likely ends with a question about what to see in jakarta. If this is the first time you ever come to the city, itinerary planning is always able to save you from getting lost in the city. Now, it would be a lot easier for you to come up with a daytime itinerary. There are more than enough sources that will guide you. Problems would rise when it comes to nighttime tourism. Jakarta does actually possess quality nightlife. However, this side of tourism has not received as much attention and promotion as one you may find in Bangkok. We are not talking about mere clubbing or karaoke centers. We are talking about nighttime tourism in Jakarta as a whole, which is comprised of not only hedonistic parties but also cultural touches. During your stay in Jakarta, once the sun sets, these tourism spots could be ones that you can turn your head to.


So, have you any ideas about what to see in jakarta at night? Below are some suggestions you can add to your own itinerary:


  1. Concerts, Theater, Live Music

Taman Ismail Marzuki in Menteng offers daily cultural performances in the form of theater, concerts, or movies.

Venues reserved for live music include Shangri-La’s B.A.T.S and Mulia’s CJ’s. Both play Top 40 as well as pop hits. For friendlier environment toward families, you can try Kempinski’s Paulaner Brauhaus, Pacific Place’s Hard Rock Café, or Eastern Promise.


  1. Karaoke and Clubs

Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are typical busy days in clubs. Golden Crown, Emporium, King Cross, Alexis, and Malioboro are to mention a few of the clubs to try.


  1. Spas and Massages

Some worthy options include Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan’s spa center (opens till 12am), Fairmont’s Willow Stream (opens till 11pm), and Dharmawangsa Hotel’s Bimasena (also opens till 11pm).


  1. Night tourism

There are a lot of tourism spots in Jakarta that are still open for visitors even at night. Taman Fatahillah, the National Monument, Ancol, and the bridge of Kota Intan can be visited at night and in fact there are a lot of people using these spots as their choice of nighttime entertainment.


  1. Exercise

You can choose to either run or cycle at night in Jakarta. Opting to do these at night, you will be spared from the scorching daytime’s sun, crowded traffic, and polluted air. Try to run at the National Monument, the Senayan Stadium, or Ragunan Zoo.


Indorunners and Nike Run Club are two running clubs that are known to run at 7:30pm every Thursday, with FX Mall in Senayan as their starting point.


Anyway, what to see in jakarta central if you happen to choose a hotel to stay around this area? Well, as Central Jakarta is mainly business center, you can expect a lot of opportunities to have a shopping spree. High-end shopping centers and popular malls open till 10pm. When they do, you can shift your attention to traditional markets; they open for 24 hours. Muara Angke fish market and Cikini’s flower markets are examples of these markets.


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