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Some best Vape mods for 2017 and its Features

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The Electronic cigarette is one of the battery-powered devices for smoking and it is filled with liquid that are contains nicotine, flavorings and some other chemicals. The Vapor produced by an e-cigarette is called as Vape and the liquid used in this electronic cigarette is known as e-liquid and this is safer more than normal tobacco cigarettes.


About Vape mods:

Vape mods is nothing but one of the modified and improved devices of electronic cigarette as how it is improved means by adding some additional parts like 510 tanks and rechargeable batteries. If you want to attain a specific vaping target means here it is done that and while using this you Vape for a longer period of time as this mods are used for vapor cloud production.


Why ecig.com?

If you want to get high quality electronic cigarette means you need to prefer the ecig.com as they are providing the high quality products of vaping community with unbeatable prices that mean in low prices. In any online industry or commercial industry the customer service is the necessary one with best as the ecig.com is providing the best customer services to their clients.


Some Vape mods:

Some best Vape mods and its features are given follows,

Sigelei Kaos Spectrum: This is one of the exclusive mod and it will gives better taste comparing to the other mods as it is available in stylish metallic blue color. It has one great features of an interchangeable LED belt with 6 different colors that are used to allow light up and change your devices color. In daylight and night these Vape mods can be producing the good eye catching lighted devices as this can be designed with one of a classic chassis with vertical based and the high wattage temperature box mod control as it has 18650 battery power. It has some features like elegant gun metal color, micro USB charging port, Zing alloy construction and fast, balanced charging support and more.


Wismec Reuleaux RX300: This is one of the beautifully crafted masterpieces with great feel as it has 18650, 300W battery. In these mods the wires are made up with Titanium and Nickel and to changing the cell arises this mod has one cup and it has an OLED screen with 0.96 inches and you can regulate your wattage while using this mod. This device can be available in variety of colors and changeable stickers as it has one best feature of RC adapter that can act as the external devices for charging power-bank.  Some feature of this Wismec Reuleaux RX300 mods are it has a changeable stickers, it has a temperature control mode, the output powers is 300W, it has the RC adapter, it has upgradeable software and more.


Sigelei Kaos Spectrum 230W Mod- Storm trooper Edition: This is one of the ideal box mod with high wattage and high temperature and this is can be constructed by a durable zinc alloy. It has some features like tasteful Storm trooper white exterior, it has 0.96 inches TFT color display screen, it has Preheat functionality, has the Resistance range is between 01 to 3.0 ohm and more.


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