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How to Claim Holiday Sickness Compensation

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There are fewer things worse in life than falling ill on holiday. After spending the money on a much-deserved vacation, the last thing anyone wants to happen is to fall ill and miss most of their holiday due to sickness!


This can be made worse by the fact that the sickness wasn’t even your fault! But nightmare holidays don’t have to end with a bad experience, as many people are qualified to claim for holiday sickness compensation.


What conditions need to be met to claim holiday sickness compensation?

UK law permits holiday goers to make a claim for sickness compensation if they have booked a package holiday deal using a tour operator based in the UK in the past three years.


So, should your flight, accommodation, and any additional excursions all be booked through a single UK tour operator, then you could qualify for a claim if you fell ill.


The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 ensures coverage from a number of issues, and should they not be met then you can claim compensation from the tour operator.


For example, the tour operator is responsible for every aspect of the package holiday, including flight, accommodation, transport, food, and other tourist services. Should they be a fault for one of these causing sickness or illness, then they are liable for compensation.


Common Claims

Many people are unsure what constitutes a claim should they fall ill during a package holiday, but there are two very common causes that usually lead to a claim.


Food Poisoning

Enduring food poisoning on holiday is bad enough, but to contract the illness due to the negligence of your holiday provider is unacceptable, which is why you can claim for compensation.


Food poisoning that occurs in holiday resort or cruise can spread fast and incapacitate many holiday goers. It is the responsibility of the tour operator to ensure all food and drink is safe and hygienic and complies with health and safety standards.


Should they fail to do so then many people will suffer during their holiday due to stomach bugs and viruses, so it is only fair that the operator can be liable for compensation.


Unsanitary Conditions

Another common cause of sickness during a holiday is unsanitary conditions, especially in sleeping areas. A bed that is riddled with mould, bed bugs, or other unsanitary conditions can lead to severe illness if exposed.


Whether its infected blisters due to bed bugs or an illness caused by a very unhygienic room, then you will be able to claim compensation if the fault is with the tour operator. Again, they have a responsibility to provide you with a safe and sanitary place to sleep, including an uncontaminated water supply.


If they don’t and you fall ill because of this, then you are rightfully entitled to claim compensation.


How to make a claim

Now if you have just recovered from a sickness during a holiday, the last thing you will want to do is spend hour after hour chasing up a claim. It’s a long an arduous process, and making a claim against a tour operator will usually result in them contesting it.


Therefore, it is highly recommended that you hire a specialist holiday sickness claims lawyer. Highly experienced in the process of making a holiday sickness claim, a lawyer is your best chance at making a successful claim.


Most work on a no-win no-fees basis, meaning you only need to pay them with a successful claim, so you’ve nothing really to lose!


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