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How to claim compensation for delayed flights?

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Without doubt, one of the most enjoyable feelings in the world is taking off to go on holiday. Being able to just escape for a few days, or a couple of weeks, can feel like a very liberating feeling. Even if you are just heading off on a flight to go for a business trip or something similar, it’s still quite exciting. The idea of traveling to another country and sampling their unique culture and lifestyle is something to be cherished. Like anything else, though, flights can run into various problems and this can cause delays.


If you have seen your flight delayed, though, you might have – thanks to EU law – the chance to claim back some money. If the fight is cancelled or delayed beyond a certain point, then you can make sure that you can enjoy a comfortable and easy level of compensation. All that you need to do, then, is look to claim compensation through the airline.


So long as you have left from anywhere in the UK, the EU, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or Liechtenstein, you can take part in this scheme. If you find yourself delayed for more than two hours, for example, then you are entitled to getting access to phone calls and e-mail systems to notify people, get access to accommodation overnight if you are stuck overnight, including transport from airport to hotel, and also food and drink if you need it.


You can get vouchers at the airport to collect these. If you aren’t getting the vouchers, then you can claim it from the airline later – just be as reasonable as you can about the actual validity of your expenses. Going for a gourmet meal and staying the Hilton might not quite work out as intended!


If you are waiting for more than three hours, however, you are due more vital compensation. You have the legal right to the above, but you can also get financial recompense for the airline messing up. So long as it was their fault, you can get access to assistance to get over this technical dilemma. You’ll be entitled to compensation if your airline was at fault, but if it’s something like a weather problem or even an aviation strike, you are out of luck.


You’ll need to speak with the airline to get more specifics on what you might be entitled, to, though, as every flight is different. Anything over five hours, by the way provides you with the chance to get a full refund for the flight, a flight back to your original airport if it was a connecting flight, and all of the above on top.


Up to €600 can usually be claimed if it’s over five hours and an airline fault, too, so get claiming!


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