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My Trip to America and Canada

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Holidays provide happiness and a time to make trips around the world. Last summer I planned a trip to USA and Canada which was really fabulous. I found many amazing and surprising things there and that was whole a memorable moment. Some of the highlights from that trip are given below:


While in America

That was a great time which I spent there. It was the time when I enjoyed a lot. I landed in New York and spent a night there. Even that was a night time but it was looking like the day. America is the place which seemed to be brighter even at night and dark hours. The city was full of lights. After that, I visited other places. I found out many great things such as the parks, the historical places of America makes it a place to visit again and again. It is the busiest city but the people are also courteous too.


In Canada

My trip to Canada was really great and inspiring. Here I found nature near to me. When I went there it was Toronto where I arrived. The city is really great and is developed. You can find many great places such as parks, historical places, zoo, and other places to visit in Canada. But Canada is famous because of its lakes. Niagara Falls is the famous place where you can find out tourists every day. I visited that place too and found it so beautiful. In Canada, I enjoyed a lot but the city is really marvelous. They are hardworking and they guided me about their city.


One wise tip

I learnt a lot from my trip but one amazing thing which I would like to share is about luggage. If you want to save your time and want a travel without any anxiety, you must send your luggage before. I am telling from my experience. You need to send through any courier company. It will save a lot of your money and will give you relaxation.


There are many courier companies which can carry your stuff but one of the amazing companies is the courier point. They allow you to send parcels to the Canada and parcel to USA cheapest. In that manner, you will only focus on your travel and you can easily enjoy it. This is something which is really marvelous and which will add value to your journey.


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