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Ideas for Sharing Your Travel Adventures in Real Time

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When you were little and went on family vacations, you probably had to wait until you got back from the beach, Disneyland or grandma’s house to get together with your friends and show them your collection of photos and souvenirs.


Now, thanks to the advent of some pretty cool technology, you can keep your friends and family members posted on your travel adventures as they are happening. For example, check out the following ways that you can live-share your vacations — all while keeping your stories relevant for future viewings:


Get a Smartphone with an Amazing Camera

Rather than pack a heavy and cumbersome camera, you can rely on your smartphone to take all of the travel footage you need. Of course, phone cameras are not created equally, so you may want to upgrade to a newer model before you board that plane. A great choice is the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which has a dual-pixel 12 MP rear-facing camera with an auto-focus that is four times faster than before and a new low-light sensor. So whether you are spelunking in a dark cave or riding a fast roller coaster, the Galaxy S7 edge can capture these moments. Sharing photos from the phone is easy too — tap apps and then gallery and select the photo(s) you want and then tap share.


Download a Program to Help You Share

Rather than constantly sending postcards and posting a bazillion status updates on Facebook and Twitter, use a trip sharing program to keep your loved ones in the travel loop. Tripcast allows you to update everyone in real time, and it will also let you build a travel album that will be fun to pore over once you return home and in the years to come. People who check out Tripcast can ask questions about where you are and what you are doing, leave comments and “like” your posts. Roadcast is another real-time social network that lets you share the details of your vacation with everyone back home. It also includes a “Drop Markers” feature that lets you mark the especially interesting places you’ve visited with photos and a description. Your entire vacation route can be saved all in one spot. If you happen to be traveling with a group of people, you can use Roadcast to stay connected to each other and decrease the chances of being separated or lost. Once you are back home, you can save your entire trip and look at it any time you want.


When in Doubt, Blog it Out

In addition to or instead of using a real-time program on your trip, you can always make a lot of posts to your travel blog. A blog is a great way to talk about your trips as much as you like while also sharing your travel tales with other adventurous types. Blogging is also a great way to document your vacation; you can use it as a diary of sorts that you can read for years to come. If you wish, you can make short posts on your blog with your smartphone, downloading photos to the blog as you go. Then, when you are chilling out at the hotel room or campsite, you can add more details about the day’s travels.


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