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What to See and Do in Tallinn

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Tallinn – the capital city of Estonia – is one of the newest capital cities in Europe. There’s a whole lot to see and do in the city thanks to the rich culture, architecture, and history of the city. The Old town of the city is a sight to see as it went mostly untouched by war and is perfectly preserved. Here’s a look at what to see and do in Tallinn.


The Song Festival
The Song Festival is an event that happens every five years (with the next one due July 2019) where around 30,000 singers from 1,000 choirs sing a range of traditional anthem to the crowds. The festival dates back to the mid-19th century and it has become one of the key cultural events in Estonia. It’s a few years away, but the wait will be worth it! Book your Minibus Hire Manchester To The Airport.


Estonian Architecture Museum
The Estonian Architecture Museum is the ideal start to any exploration of the Rotermann Quarter. The museum is located in an old salt warehouse, and it contains models of all the best and brightest buildings in the town. There are plenty of hand-drawn plans dating back to the Soviet era that are a real treat for any fan of architecture or history.


Von Krahl
Given that Tallinn is known for its cheap beer, we would be remiss to not mention this traditional stone pub and theatre. Von Krahl is situated in the Old Town, and can be found on a street that dates all the way back to the 1700s. It was opened up following the fall of communism in 1992. The Von Krahl offers not just great drinks, but also great shows such as Hipsteri Surm – or “Hipster Death”.


Tallinn has plenty to offer – from a deep and rich history to a touch of the modern. So don’t hesitate to book your trip to this beautiful city!


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