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Enjoying the Magnificence of Montmartre Paris

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Montmartre Paris is one of the few places that epitomizes the free-spirited nature of Bohemian living. The village gets its name from the 130m hill, which is the highest point in Paris. Montmartre became famous for its role in nurturing talented artists. What used to be a quiet village is now a favorite spot for tourists who flock the district to experience the authentic “vie bohéme.” Traditionally, Montmartre was all windmills and vines, which have since dwindled to only a few attractions. In exchange though, visitors get a bustle of a village with exciting options at night and even more fascinating during the day.


Walk the District

Walking tours in Montmartre Paris are the best way to experience the place. The steep cobbled streets are lined with interesting activities and sights on each side, which are best enjoyed one at a time. A typical day can begin at the foot of the hill where the Boulevard de Clichy lays then head towards the top. To get a sense of direction, tourists can use the Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur as a point of reference, seeing as it is at the peak of the hill. Its white dome structure is hard to miss, which makes it difficult to get lost in the village. During the walking tour, visitors can learn about the different places where artists such as Pablo Picasso started out. The endless line of stores gives guests a lot of options to shop cheap. Whether they want t-shirts by which to remember the trip or electronics for their homes, there is a shop in Montmartre that has it in plenty. For people who wish to take a break, places like Columbia Coffee are ideal, especially for coffee drinkers.


Learn the History

Learning the past of any tourist destination is part of the fun, so a detailed historical tour of the Montmartre in Paris is perfect. The Basilica is obviously the biggest historical monument to discover on the Montmartre. It is as much a cultural landmark as it is a political one and it has been a pilgrimage site with its perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, which started in 1885. Besides the Basilica, there is the Saint-Pierre de Montmartre church, which is one of the oldest in Paris. The Montmartre Museum is another historical stop visitors that can make for more information about the district. For art lovers, the Espace Dali holds several masterpieces from the surrealist’s collection that is a must-see.


Fun in Montmartre

The district of Montmartre has interesting activities for all ages. Visitors can walk the streets where some of the greatest painters like Claude Monet, Piet Mondrian, and Vincent Van Gogh once lived. The butte of the Montmartre has several parks where families with children can rest and bask in the beauty of the gardens. A well-organized fun family day tour in the Montmartre neighborhood in Paris can consist of many attractions from the vineyards to the charming little eateries at the foot of the mountain. For adults, the various cabaret led by Moulin Rouge present great opportunities to experience French living. With metro stations like Blanche and Anvers providing public transportation, getting in and out of Montmartre is not hard even without a tour bus.



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