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Self catering offers you a variety of choices when it comes to holiday homes. It is often the first choice for familiesas it is more affordable when compared to hotels and resorts. Self catering holidays affords you freedom of time, freedom to choose where to stay and ability to cater for dietary requirements.La Bodega (casa rural) located in San Miguel in Tenerife is a self catering service that offers the best experience away from the main tourist hot spots in Tenerife, easy to reach through car and located between the mountains and sea.


It takes 15 minutes driving from the golf (El sur) and 20 minutes to loscristianos and plaga de las Americas. It is an hour to Santa Cruz but from La Bodega you can explore the whole island.The cottages which are based on availability at the time of making a choice are large and spacious with high ceilings which is typical of Canary Islands, each cottage has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a lounge, the cottages are styled and furnished differently, so you can choose the one that fits you best. Each cottage is suitable for two adults.


There are numerous local restaurants to eat from should you decide not to cook or you can eat from the variety of local cuisine provided at La Bodega.Tenerife– La Bodega is a home away from home as attested by many who have visited, there are relaxing gardens with semi tropical plants, flowers and fruit trees, relaxation is just easy because of the serene environment.


At Tenerife – La Bodega you’ll find that there is ample relaxation area, a swimming pool, excellent view of the surrounding area and free WIFI. The weather is great, Tenerife La Bodega has plenty of water features, patio areas, outside lounging area and tables for eating, discussing or just watching. There is also a barbeque area.At La Bodega there is nothing too much to do just to make your stay on the island a memorable. We help with all your enquiries, transport arrangement and generally ensure you’re comfortable.


During your stay, you can try local dishes like Gazpacho and Salmorejo which are delicious and refreshing cold soups made mainly of pureed vegetables, you can also try cold meat and sausages such as Jaman which is a type of cured ham. Chonzo or morcilla (black pudding).


The La Bodega is a cluster of four homely cottages with sea views and a shared pool. Each single storeycottage is suitable for two adults, the bedrooms have large beds, good lighting and enough storage and hanging space. The kitchens have all you need. Making friends is easy here so you can make new friends while here.


Tenerife self catering at La Bodega was converted from an old wine Bodega and farmhouse by the owners and your delightful hosts Sheila and Ray Atkins. If you play golf, there are two golf courses, golf del sur and Amarilla golf 15 minutes away from the cottage.


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