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4 Major Reasons to Have a Myanmar Tour This Year

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Until few years ago, Myanmar was simply off limits to the wanderlust Westerners. However, after almost five decades of democratic reform as well as military rule, Asia’s previous Junta controlled diamond has finally opened the crystal shores to the nirvana-seekers who had missed the flawless beauty of Thailand almost 25 years ago. Nowadays the tourists are flocking greatly to Asian countries in droves that are highly curious to discover the nation’s majestic temples, unspoiled beaches as well as primeval jungle which have remained concealed as well as gloriously untouched for so far.



Take a look at some of the reasons why you must have a tour to Myanmar, the glided “Golden Land” this year:


•    Visit the wonderful Bagan Temples

The ancient city, Bagan, is nestled within the green Mandalay district of the nation. This city is indeed the home to vast temple sites.  Buddhist temples, monasteries and pagodas are scattered all over the plains of Bagan.  This sprawling landscape of the remote as well as temple-studded plains comprising otherworldly magnificence as well can be experienced and explored on foot or else by bike.


•    Hot-air ballooning

Anyone who has already visited Bagan will surely let you know that the greatest way to watch the ancient temples of Mandalay is by ascending that landscape in a hot-air balloon. This activity draws the adventure lovers at an extreme level. The acrophobic individuals who are keen to keep their firmly on ground can make a trip to this area early in the morning in order to have a glimpse of the uncommon sight of red balloons overruling the early-morning skyline.


•    The stunning beaches and islands

The idyllic stretches of the pristine white sands, as well as the palm-lined shores altogether, provide a heavenly approach to the Ngapali Beach. You can watch the mesmerizing picturesque sunspot when relaxing on the beach. However, there are numerous untouched beaches, islands as well as coves stretching via the Myanmar coast.  ChaungTha beach is another famous beach where you can mostly spot the locals. You can head towards the beach in order to relax and spend some quality time with your family.


•    People are extremely kind

The locals of Myanmar are incredibly kind and they’re always keen to show the main highlights of their nation to the tourists. Practicing English is significant to them and hence, they often approach to the tourists with a “hello” as well as a genuine smile.


Besides these, the other reasons that will make your tour to Myanmar special include affordability, innumerable opportunities to make the trip adventurous as well as the cultural sites of the nation. Hence, for planning the trip properly, seek the help of a trusted travel agency.


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